Is size really an important factor!?

We decided, stupidly, that we needed to sort Magoos’s clothes and his messy boy wardrobe out.

It’s a typical kid mess. It gets tidied every once in a while, various tops and bottoms get found that have been forgotten about or lost. When Magoo gets asked to pop his clean laundry away, he does the typical kid thing, and just rams it back onto the appropriate shelf, if we are lucky.

So, at the weekend we decided to give it a spring clean, without knowing the timing.

He has 4-5 shelves in his wardrobe thingy.

Shoes and trainers on the bottom and by God, he hoards some shit.

After much faffing and grunting from Magoo, as he’s literally having to try everything on, we have determined what is good, and what is not.

We spend the next hour trying on jumper after jumper, and bottoms after bottoms. Pyjamas, onesies, shorts and t-shirts.

The kid gets through so many clothes.

He’s at that age where he’s in-between sizes as well, so it makes it even harder to suss out.

My main problems with sizes, nothing is standardized anymore.

All same size pairs of bottoms, but from different places vary so much so, that some are so tight he’s laughing trying to get his ankles through the bottom, to pairs so large he’s sticking his hands in them as well!

Then t-shirts…..he loves randomly bright and horrendously vile t-shirt designs. Partially my fault, as I like loud tshirts with random designs on, and partially his own fault, as we have always told him to wear what he likes, not what he’s supposed to wear or like.

His favourite summer thing used to be this bright, and I mean bright yellow t-shirt and horrible brighter than the sun orange shorts. Think Baywatch, turned up to 1000!

So everything finally sorted and stashed into piles of clothes that don’t fit, by age and what they are.

There’s shit loads.

But on the plus side, he still has loads of items that still fit him.

As he doesn’t have any siblings, thebeanspoonerswife decides to take a few pictures of age related bundles, and whack them on Facebook.

We’ve told him any money she makes he can keep, and have it for the next visit to the toyshop!

So far, at the time of writing this post, he’s made a cool £30….so I wonder what crap he’s going to buy with it!?

Magoo 2 had two pairs of trainers that Magoo had grown out of.

Well I say grown out of…this is where the size argument comes in.

Again, nothing is standardized.

The same size shoe or trainer he wears, isn’t the same across all brands. But these are not cheap brands. So in theory, you would think a size 13 from Clarks, would be a size 13 in Nike’s. Nope.

Saying that, you would expect the same brands to at least be the same, but again, nope!

He has Nike’s that are a 13, that fit with loads of room. But then other Nike’s that are a 13, that he can’t get his foot into!?

So what the actual fuck!

I wouldn’t even want to think what it’s like for girls clothes!

So is it just boys clothes that are like this!?

From an adults perspective, it’s a fucking nightmare.

I’m no spring chicken, or super lean example of a male. I never have been.

I wear a size 2-3xl t-shirt.

So why when I shop in ‘popular’ shops, do clothes only go to a L size….some start at xxs…….xxs is not a man size, that’s a boys size.

While shopping for jeans a while back ( I wear jeans the cold part of the year, then live in shorts for the other 8 months), I noticed men’s jeans have taken a turn for the worse.

Extra skinny is my favourite. Not to wear for christ’s sake, as I have testicles and legs. But extra skinny is my favourite to chuckle at.

A man, an adult male, does not qualify for that role, or any other, if he needs to buy a pair of extra skinny, tight fit, short legged (under 29 inches), with a size 26 waist. That people , is called a teenager!

What the actual fuck.

Who wears these things?!

No one that I know, would even fit into both legs if you were to cut them apart, let alone one leg at a time!

I know thebeansooonerswife has this problem. Nothing is standardized. Nothing.

One size from one shop, is a totally different size in another.

But less about woman, this is a dad and kid blog.

So if you’re ever wondering why I wear the same shorts or hoodies, it because I have a shit load, of the same item, in every colour they do, or duplicates of the same colour, as I’ve actually found a brand, who have sizes that are consistently the same and are value for money.

I wear the same brand t-shirts all the time. I have every colour and design they do, and normally buy new ones when they come out.

I’m a fucker for the hated combat shorts. The short choice of all dad’s all over the world, and hated by these so called fashionable people.

They do what they say on the label….make you ready for combat.

I can carry, my phone, wallet, wet wipes, tissue, sunblock, lip balm (I suffer with bad dry lips), sweets, glasses, a small towel, anything and everything and not need a bag! Beat that Gucci!

I also buy them from army surplus shops, so I know I’m buying a decent standardized size, for a decent price, made from hard wearing materials! Bonus.

Magoo is going the same way.

He has now found a brand of trainers he likes, as he’s comfy with the fit. He can, when we can find them, wear the same brand of t-shirt that I do, and he lives in hoodies and fleece tops!

The kids got no style, but he’s comfy as hell, and that’s what matters when you are 7!

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