Don’t you just love it, when a plan comes together?!

Don’t you!?

I do!

I love it when a plan comes together.

I love it as much as Hannibal does, I just dont smoke cigars.

So recently, if you’ve been keeping up with events, I’ve been having problems with censorship and petty adults reporting me to the prison camp that Magoo goes to, which is slightly petty and a bit pathetic, if you ask me!

So, at the start of last week, I made a few adjustments to and also made a Facebook page, something I never thought I would do for my blog, and truth be told, never really wanted to either.


I had a little plan of my own.

Now censorship.

I’ve written an entire blog post on this.

But recently, even though I have taken every precaution to safeguard myself and this page, I am still being fucked over.

Action needed to be taken!

After having a hunt around the internet and some very choice sites ( no not those ), I learned a few new tricks. Yes, even this sly old dog can learn a few new, eye opening tricks. All mainly about tracking visitors to your site, the sharing of such pages and mainly keeping an eye on people and things you don’t really trust.

Now with recent events that have happened, I made the decision to shut down and close my twitter account, which is where originally started, a few years ago.

Too many social media platforms is confusing enough for me, and until I can find one app, that I can run on my iPad, my android phone and my laptop, that can handle posting everything to every social media outlet, but in one post, I’m limiting what outlets I have.

I have a personal Facebook page, and an Instagram page for the blog.

But I decided as Facebook seems to be the choice of medium for most sheep, I’d become a part time shepherd!



Within 10 minutes I had a fully working, scaremongering Facebook page, and it was all connected to this blog.

Now to get annoying.

My personal Facebook page has my personal things on there. I am friends with people that either want to be friends with me, or I want to be friends with them. Mutual friendship.

I don’t have many parents or associates from the prison. The ones I do, are the ones I am actual friends with. Ones I talk to, converse with, have something in common with. The ones I don’t, are mainly the ones who have reported me for one pathetic reason or another, or I just don’t know well enough to delve into there personal day to day lives and pictures of food and coffees. So I would not expect them to want to be friends with me, and see stupid pictures of my family, my life and especially my face.


On thebeanspooners Facebook page, the world was my oyster.

I added everyone and anyone.

People I know, people I didn’t, people I’m friends with, and people I know, dislike me personally.

It was amazing.

Within an hour I had enough friends to not make me need to phone the Samaritans this week!

Thing is, out of the 35-50 people that had added me, there were maybe 7-8 that I actually know and have spoken to for fucks sake.

What I did notice though, were certain individuals who I know hate me had added me, but some of them, had taken the function away that lets you add them as friends.


As the profile had only been created that morning, the afternoon viewing made for a glorious revelation.

How did these people know who I was, what my user name, my handle was, unless, like normal, I’d been the talk of the town, talk of a group or coven, or even conversations?!

Like I said, spooky!

I knew maybe 3-4 people who had been the main culprits for being vain and self loving and grassing me up, but I knew there was another one.

That afternoon it become clear as glass!

So after some careful deduction in-between doing laundry and killing evil bad guys on the Xbox, I finally worked out who the 5th and final, evil, self loathing, vain and narcissistic member of this poor man’s new kids on the block was!


It was like reeling a monster fish in, only this fish was an adult and I didn’t need to but that much effort into it!


The plan and worked.

I now knew the 4-5 people. After a little more metaphorical fishing, I now had my 5 suspects.

It would be like a line up from the Usual Suspects, except the are all Keyser Söze, just minus the farting and the gimpy leg. Oh and the drawn out thriller of a film.

No one would want to make a film using these 5, I mean it!


I was actually a little shocked and surprised if I’m honest with you dear reader.

I knew the original 4, you could easily see who they were.

But number 5, the 5th member…..was a little shocking and surprising, but when I think about it now, it all fits into place. Some people will, and will always, do anything to be part of the gang!

So, Facebook page maybe taking a little break. It was never really supposed to happen, and I don’t really need the extra invasion of my personal privacy and my blog.

I just wish, deep down, that these people, these vain, narcissistic, sad, pathetic fucktards could find something else better to do with their time, than victimise and critisize what I do, what I write and how I live my life.

But, I think in this mind set.

If they are bitching at me, about me, having a sly dig, spying, bitching some more and generally being cockwombles of the highest level, then they are leaving some other poor bugger alone.

As sadly, I don’t give a damn what they think about me, or what they do to me.

I would always rather shit in my hands and clap, than have anything to do with any of them, ever!

So I hope you’ve had a good read at my rant, and my personal feelings on this matter.

I wish you all a wonderful night.

I’m off to watch the Gran Prix!

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