Moving house

Don’t panic, we aren’t going anywhere, but we have moved house several times over the years, I think nearly 9-10 times since the ages of 18!

What a ball ache. I’d say we are both on an expert level of this house moving game.

The biggest move being from Derby, to Cornwall!

We first lived together at my parents house while studying at secondary school. We then moved to Derby for University, then moved out of our student house, into our first real house, then into a pub I ended up running, then when that was sold, into our last dwelling in Derby!

We then moved to Cornwall. So our first Cornish address. We then moved to a cute house (where we got Marley), then we bought a house in a village that made Royston Vasey (you know, the village out of the league of gentlemen) look fucking normal. We sold that house and moved to another litter village, where most of the residents resided on the same family tree, seriously! Think no we, just stick, a very small stick! We then moved to our current address, a cute little harbour village, made famous by its Christmas lights and fantastically majestic festive traditions and stories!

We have lived in some fantastic places, flats and houses.

We’ve also lived above a pub. No matter how romantic or nice you might think it is, it is not. It was a glorified shit hole. My one day off a week, coincided with fucking karaoke night, and our bedroom was over the bar, our bed, right over the speaker system. The pub what a student bar in the week, and a very rough, and I mean rough, football hooligan place of a weekend.

There’s nothing worse then students, pretentious little shits, pissed up, fucking murdering songs till midnight on a Monday!


We also got broken into a few times, through the back door, which was technically a fire escape, which led into our kitchen! For fucks sake!

We shared the living quarters with the other guy who I shared my job role with

He was an ex railway worker, think Mr Burns from The Simpsons, crossed with the perviest bloke you know, and then times it by 1000, and that was him!

The pub got sold and we all changed jobs and moved out.

Jesus, thinking about it, we lived in some real right dodgy places, but at the time, we never noticed it.

Moving house then was simple, hire a van, ask a parent to help, rope in the super string, young, fit brother in law and bang, we were done.

But as we got older, we lost that enthusiasm to move. The enthusiasm to box shit up properly and label it. It was more, stick it in a bag or box and sling it in the van. We also started to accumulate more and more and more.

Especially books. Thebeanspoonerswife is a reading machine. I even bought her a kindle to try and help with the amount of books we had. Its lasted, and it still works to this day, she just prefers books. We have a fuck load, they are everywhere.

Nick naks, thingys, bit and bobs, pictures, painting…..I’m assuming you’re all like this. The older we get, the more items we acquire. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t all hers, some are mine.

Just when it comes to the daunting task of moving, shit.

The biggest move we have ever made, was when we decided to move over 300 miles away from anything we’ve ever known, a place we had lived for over 8 years, and really become adults in, to Cornwall, where we knew no one at all!

That was a move.

We down sized and cleared out so much stuff. It was like a military exercise, it had to be.

But we did it.

Now, moving with a child is even more stressful, annoying, stupid and down right wrong.

When Magoo was little, it was fine.

But as he’s gotten older, it’s gotten worse.

Our last move (hopefully out last for some time), was fucking horrendous.

We actually had builders working across the road at the time. The one mentioned to us, if we moved anymore stuff into the new house, he would imagine it might sink!

Maybe that’s what caused the leak thing in the wall!?

But lots of the trips were for Magoos stuff.

His bed, his belongings, his clothes, his books, his furniture, and oh my god, his toys!

We had to make sure it was all labelled and organised so we and he, knew where it all was, as he can get a bit anxious if he doesn’t know where his things are.

Is that the same with every kid, or just ours?

We knew that we needed to be settled and comfortable for when Magoo started school, and also for when he got older.

We’ve been in our current house nearly two years. We’ve been in Cornwall for over 13 years, the longest we have ever lived in one place, so to speak. Even though we have moved several times since coming to Cornwall, we’ve always tried to stay in the same sort of area.

Never, ever, in a million years, did I ever think we would live where we live now.

It’s the perfect postcard seaside village!

It’s one of those villages where you pay over £150-250 per night in the local hotel, or you pay upwards of £1500-2000 a week in the summer, if you rent a house.

We are lucky enough to live here. All year round. There aren’t many full time residents, as I’ve said, it’s a seaside town, so it means lots of second, even 3rd homes for people.

We rent.

Apart from owning our own house once, we actually prefer to rent. We live next door to the owners. Well, I say next door, they have two cottages knocked into one, but don’t live here all the time, as they live else where. So do we live in their second, third or fourth house!? I get confused. But anyways, we live next door to them.

You mainly see them at certain times of the year, Easter, a few weeks I’m the summer, Halloween time and Christmas and New year. We don’t know much about them, but they always speak, say hello, and talk to Finn and ask us how Bruce and Hobbes are….so that’s enough for us!

Our village is amazing though.

We have world famous lights, during Christmas and the start of new year, a yearly village carnival, a bi yearly sea festival, boating events, smaller festivals and everything else you can imagine in between.

We also have the best community spirit.

This is showed during Halloween.

The village is already buzzing as it’s near the Christmas period, and the village take Halloween very seriously. Every body turns out, and all the kids, and I mean all, as there are hundreds of the little buggers, have an amazing, but more importantly, a safe time wandering around the village, all dressed up, scaring people and collecting sweets!

Christmas is again, an amazing time. Our Christmas lights are world famous. They take over 5 months to prepare and they are everywhere! It’s a huge thing.

We also have fireworks on Bonfire night, off the end of the harbour wall, which can rival any town organised event! We get them again on new years eve/new year’s day, at the stroke of midnight!

It’s bloody awesome!

We luckily live right in the middle of it all. Next door to an old style Sunday school and the village church!

But for us, the main thing is the beach, which we live about 100 metres from.

We spend alot of time at the beach, and especially in the sea!

The smell and sounds of the water are second to none, and if you are away from it for too long, your desperately crave for it, and miss it terribly!

All I can say is, if you ever think you might want to move to the coast, or a sea side town, do it. Go for it!

It’s the best thing we have ever done!

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