It’s an overly touchy subject for me.

When I started writing this blog, it was for me. No one else. I never even thought I’d do for a week or two, before I got bored, or ran out of ideas. But I’m still here.

Still thinking of crap to write and post.

Like I said, it was for me. To stop me going crazy every day, and a way for me to express myself. I had no intention of sharing these posts, on any form of social media.

But I thought, why not. My life is just as mundane as pictures of people’s clothes, food and fucking cups of coffee!

So I started sharing them on my own, personal Facebook page. Thebeanspooner.com doesn’t have a Facebook page, nor will I ever think it will. It does however have an Instagram page, as that’s where it all started out.


Pictures that I take of everyday crap, with thebeanspoonerswife, with Magoo, where I live. Pictures speak a thousand words. So that was enough.

I started writing a blog a few years ago, under the same handle. I wrote about 5 posts before work, life and everything else got in the way.

When I thought about writing again, I looked bag on those old handfuls of posts and fuck me, they were boring, worse than these!

So they quickly got taken down , archived and hidden away.

The new and improved, so to speak blog, was on!

But it didn’t last long.

I think one, maybe two weeks before big brother turned 2019 into 1984.

I write, mainly about day to day stuff. There are a few posts about other random things, but it’s mainly about day to day goings on.

Thebeanspoonerswife, her name is never mentioned, but anyone that knows me, us will know her name. Same goes for Magoo. He is never mentioned by his real name, but again, anyone that knows us, knows what he is called.

So I decided from the start, that no names would be used, well, no real names.

Apart form Bruce, who is our dog, and Hobbes, who is our cat. Our old dog, who died, is referred to sometimes, and he was in fact, called Marley.


No. Real. Names.

I don’t even mention where I live, but again, if you know me, us, you know where I live, as it’s no major secret.

So, after the honeymoon period, I was politely, well I say that loosely, asked to take down some of the content.

It all happened after I posted two posts.

1. Helicopter parents, discuss.

2. The day I nearly killed a child.

I received an email from Magoos’s school. From his headmaster, on behalf of the schools governing body.

It had recently been brought to their attention that I had started writing a blog, and that there school, staff, children and the wider school community were heavily featured.

Some people, so I’m assuming parents, seemed not to happy about this. And they were asking that I stop. Some parts of my blog were liable and untrue, and they would not be surprised if any of the parents took legal action against me, something that the school themselves had been advised on.


We were also told that if it carried on, our child’s safety in school could no longer be guaranteed.


I’d love to know, do the school, which has now become known as the prison, follow any other parents social media accounts as closely as mine!?

What parents complained to the school? As surely, as an adult, in a free country, I have the right to know my accusers?!

Also, why mention my child’s safety?! So you are telling me, the parents who are pissed off at me, have told there kids, and now those kids are going to target my son!? With what, home made shivs from toothbrushes and razors!? I doubt it. Every child should be safe in their school environment, as it doesn’t matter who their parents are, or what they have done.

The wider school community was something else I didn’t get. Are we not the wider school community!? As our child goes to that school, and we live locally?

Or does it mean just that village!?

So is this Orwellian-esq censorship everywhere!?

I have a feeling it’s because I may have touched a few nerves and ruffled a few feathers with what I had written.

But again.

No names or places.

I think a few of these adults took offence, as they are vain and simple.

They think the descriptions I used were of themselves.

When in fact, it was a broad range of parents, including my own, friends, acquaintances, family members, work colleagues and Facebook friends, being used and described collectively.

But yet some still took offence.

Yet some still reported me and my activities.

So I wained.

I altered some of my posts.

I deleted the ones they had bitched over in their vainess.

But I still have the original posts.

I still don’t give a fuck.

My child is safe, always will be.

If I get idylly threatened again, I will name names.

I’m nearly 40.

I honestly don’t give a shit what people think about me. Take me as I am, or don’t. It’s that simple.

It’s called writing, blogging. No one will get hurt from it.

Hundreds, if not thousands of people write blogs everyday, about their kids, their schools and their helicopter parents. But none of them have ever encountered this kind.

Think Royston Vasey, crossed with the Wicker man, crossed with the Chatsworth estate, and you are kind of close.



Censorship is shit. All I know is, it’s totally changed my views and writing of my blog.

So I’d prefer to not be censored anymore.

So …..well….fuck you!

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