World book Day.

So, today, Thursday, is world book Day at the prison. A day when all who attend, dress up as their favourite literacy hero.

Well they are supposed to!

Most turn up as fairy princesses, or characters from one cartoon show or another.

Last year Magoo went as a giant Red Crayola crayon. What the fuck does that have to do with literacy hero’s? His reasoning… can use crayons to write with…..fair enough!

This year how ever, he was desperate to go as Hiccup, the main character from How To Train you Dragon. Even though its a cartoon series and a trilogy of films, much like Shrek, it did start out as a series of children’s books.

But, for the life of us, with alot of time ahead of us, we couldn’t find a costume that was in his size, or in stock.

So, an alternative was thought of…..

Arthur Dent, the hero from Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Magoo thought that would be amazing ….pjs, slippers, dressing gown, and the all important towel!

But, then, between us we had a stroke of pure genius……Tin Tin!

Magoos’s head nearly exploded.

So today, (after us all getting up bright and early have no idea how or why), he has gone to prison for the day dressed as Tin Tin.

One blue shirt, with a chequered golf style jumper over the top, grey shorts, knee high green socks, green trainers, and his satchel, well my satchel, with a Tin Tin book, note pad, pencil, magnifying glass all inside, and the all important white stuffed dog toy sticking out of the end!

Oh, and don’t forget the gelled up hair. He looks like a cross between Tin Tin and Mary, from the film!

For fucks sake!

But he looked awesome!

I wonder what everyone else goes as?

Thebeanspoonerswife called on her way to work to say he got off ok and that she saw a Willy Wonka, a pirate and some others!

The prison cook had gone as Gangsta Grannie!

Thursday had been quiet for me other wise.

When those two crazy sods left this morning, Bruce and I were left on our own. The weather is sneakily nice today.

The weather over the bay we live in looks dark and gloomy, but on our side, the sea has lightened to a beauty shade of turquoise and the sun is shining. It does indeed seem to be warming up. Not alot, but enough to make you forget about last week’s storm and the shitty weather it only slightly brought with it!

Lunch, and thebeanspoonerswifes calls to say work is ok today, could be better, but she’s got loads on, and keeping busy is good!

I, thankfully, don’t have to go with her to collect Magoo tonight …..!

Bruce disappears into his pit, and is almost immediately snoring. He’s either fake snoring, or much do some serious cardio when I’m either not around or looking! Hobbes however, is on the war path.

He got chased over the back wall about an hour ago, pressumibly by the massive cats we have living local to us. Hobbes, even tho 7, is still a small car. He can hold his own in a fight, but some of the local cats are fucking massive, like they are fed whey protein for dinner! So he’s at the back door, on the rug, looking gingerly outside……he doesn’t make a break for it though, he just turns, jumps over the arm chair and a pile of clean washing and vanishes upstairs!


I pass the afternoon by finishing off the laundry and updating my blog and checking some emails.

Thebeanspoonerswife calls on her way home to let me know she is ok, and work could have gone better, but it could have gone worse. We both comment and wonder how Magoo has gotten on today!

She calls again, but this time it’s Magoo!

He gets so excited when he gets to talk on the phone while she’s driving (don’t panic, she had an in car hands free thingy).

He excitingly tells me about his day and who was wearing what! It’s not long before they are home. He’s whittling on at the speed of light about this costume, that costume, how many girls were dressed as Matilda (remember they went to see the play the other month), who won what prize for what and generally about how much fun the day was!

That’s always a result. When he comes home from prison and tells you the day has been fun. We all like those days.

Dinner was sorted and eaten, so we sit and have a catch up about our days. Thebeanspoonerswife had a lot on at work, and was worried not everything was going to get done, but she said somehow, it was all sorted by the end of the day, so that too, was a result!

Magoo vanished upstairs to get into pyjamas and settle, as we told him he needed an earlier night, due to getting all excited in the day, and he also has swimming tomorrow at prison!

He didn’t complain, which obviously means he too, is tired.

We decided on an earlier night, so we sat in bed, all wrapped up watching something on the iPad……then sleep!

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