Friday, a change is coming.

I made a big decision today.

So my blog has reached over 50 posts and seen by over 1000 people. A small number in comparison to others, but something I thought would never happen. Mainly because I thought I’d get bored of it, and the fact that it’s solely for my benefit and never thought anyone else would care to read it.


Write daily blogs, mainly of the day before. And to some, including myself, the daily updates can get a little boring. So I’ve decided from next Monday, to maybe calm down the blow by blow daily routine blogs, and to post updates, say twice or three times a week, of updates, and then mail lying posts about anything I find interesting or argumentative….

So today, Friday, will be my last daily update for a bit. I may even add in Saturday and Sunday to this one, I haven’t made my mind up yet.

I’ve also got lots of other posts that I’m part or even half way through writing, that I really want to spend more time on and finish.

Friday, swimming at the prison for Magoo, and the last day of the week for thebeanspoonerswife.

We were both up early and Magoo, like normal on a Friday morning was a bit grumpy to get out of bed.

Neither of us adults had had a decent night’s sleep the night before, but looks like Magoo had had the perfect nights sleep. Little sod!

So, all up, washed, dressed and fed, those two left the house.

I had loads to do today.

I needed to update this thing and check emails etc first.

Then we were having an online shop delivered, so I have a two hour window, to sit around twiddling my thumbs and trying to stay awake!

Laundry was done, sorted, folded, and put away, I reckon I’d make someone a great wife you know!

On another note, I didn’t realise today is/was world woman’s Day.

I’m not ignorant, just didn’t know.

Is there such a thing as world man’s day!? I am, as normal, just wondering?

While sitting waiting for the online shop to arrive, I start thinking of some new ideas for posts for my blog, and things I want to write , and which ones will, and will not cause offence. But to be honest, I’m past giving a fuck and decide to write what I feel like!

The online shop appears in its given window, and it’s the bloke who always delivers it. We have a chat about how odd the weather is, as it was sunny as hell earlier, and now it’s pissing down. I hear car horns and then realise he has parked in the middle of the street. So traffic had come to a stop, while he delivers and we natter….he doesn’t seem to give a fuck!

Thebeanspoonerswife calls as per normal and talks about her day. Which by the sounds of it, is so far going ok, for a Friday.

The rest of my afternoon is spent pissing people off on Facebook. Do you ever do that!?

Comment on posts, in a way, that if you catch the right person, they will bite, and you can keep yourself amused!? I do it quite alot! Today was good. So far this week I’ve got myself banned from two pages for the comments I’ve made. Never any nasty comments, just the cold, hard truth, and some, if not most, don’t like that!

I’m also struggling to stay awake!

I posted a status on my own private Facebook page, about everything that went in between myself and Magoos’s school, with reference to them wanting me to sort my blog out and censor it.

It’s nice to know the people I know, have the same opinion as me on the matter.

So with that firmly set in my mind, I think fuck it.

100’s of ideas for blog posts and articles have trickled into my head.

Let’s see who likes censorship now ay!

So, thebeanspoonerswife calls to tell me she isn’t too far away, as I’m off to the prison with her to collect Magoo, and then quickly nip to the supermarket for some fresh bits and bobs!

As she collects me, she tells me about her day, and we have a chuckle about one thing or another.

One hyped up, but tired child collected for a free weekend from prison, and we head to the supermarket. He is shattered. He’s had a good Friday, never got star of the week, but Magoo 2 did, his best friend! So well done Magoo 2!

He tells us, in his usual verbal diarrhoea way, everything he had done today, since being dropped off at 8am this morning. Fucking tired just listening to it, let alone living it!

The supermarket was quick and easy, in and out.

Home, dinner is decided and Magoos’s prison work left till Sunday to do. He has a new topic, Superheroes, so this should be fun! He quickly tells us all about it and then vanishes upstairs to get into his pyjamas.

Dinner eaten and out of the way. It’s about later then normal due to going shopping, bit Magoo insists that as it’s Friday, it’s his late night. By late, he means an extra half an hour ….before 8.30 he’s asking us to tuck him up in bed as he’s shattered.

We stay up a little longer watching some TV, and faffing with our phones, as you do.

Then bed.

It’s the weekend… what!


We woke up later than I thought we would. Magoo, as normal on a Saturday, was up before us and watching cartoons! What else are Saturday mornings for when you are 7!

He needed his hair cut as he was looking a bit of a hippy, so a trip into town to his favourite barbers was on the cards.

That was it. That was all we had planned for the day. I love days like this!

So, breakfast sorted and then disaster…..the internet connection went down.

Magoo went into a mini meltdown! How was he going to cope, what would he do, how would he pass his time. It was honestly like the end of the world was fast approaching!

So, numerous attempts to reboot the house router, having it work for 5-10 mins then dropping off again, we decided to fuck it all and go to town and get his hair cut.

Being bald with a beard, I always feel a little odd walking into a barbers. They always turn and look as if to say, well sorry mate, we can’t do anything with that apart from polish your head!

Anyways. We have lots of places to go in our town, too many if I’m honest, but Magoo goes to a specific barbers. They are pretty hip, and fashionable, while not being pretentious and up their own arses. So we sit and wait in line, the good old fashioned way. No appointments, just sitting there, and it’s down to politeness of who goes next. You basically sit and wait your turn!

One haircut done, and he looks a lot smarter than he did when we went in!

So a quick trip to the shops and then home.

Once home, the internet is still being as unreliable as the British weather, so Magoo vanishes upstairs to watch a film.

We decide to have an early lunch, as our day is panning out alot differently to how we had both envisioned and then spend the rest of the afternoon pottering and watching some TV.

Before we know it it’s dinner time, and as we ate a big lunch, dinner is missed for us, but not for Magoo.

So he eats, and then we play for a little bit, with some random toys he collects, in the lounge.

Thebeanspoonerswife decides to go for a bath, and in typical female fashion, will probably be in there for over an hour.

Magoo and I settle on the sofa to watch a film. Scooby-Doo and the monster of Mexico. We’ve seen it before, but we both enjoy Scooby-Doo! Which is always a bonus.

She was in the bath for well over an hour.

And guess what, in all that time, the internet has magically come back to life!

So I update my blog and create a few new ideas for posts, and even publish , but not share on social network, a few posts.

So let’s see who is watching.

It’s not long before Magoo is settling for bed, as he’s tired. We aren’t too long behind him, as we have an early start Sunday, and lots of bits to do while it’s still the weekend!


It’s currently 11.53 pm, and I can’t fucking sleep. When we came to bed over an hour ago, I was literally shattered! Why oh why can’t I sleep!

Sunday morning, I’m wide awake and feeling like death warmed up to 10. As the update shows above, Saturday night, Sunday morning, was spent trying desperately to fall asleep, but blatantly staying wide awake.

I ended up watching part of a film, but even that bored me to death. Not in the, I’m so bored I’m tired, in the, fucking hell, why oh why are you wide awake and watching this shite for!

So I settled on watching random videos on YouTube, of channels I subscribe to!

30 mins later and I’m yawning like I’m trying to dislocate my own jaw!

So Sunday morning I’m feeling a bit fragile, but awake none the less. I have a feeling that the day is going to be long and tough going!

Magoo has prison work to do today, and we have some random stuff to take care of.

Thebeanspoonerswife decides that some time with Bruce, just sitting is needed, in the morning, while she drinks her tea and catches up with the news. Magoo on the other hand keeps himself occupied by simultaneously watching cartoons and playing with a select handful of toys.

Why do kids chop and change so much?

I also love the way he goes from playing with one type of toy, or one type of series of toys, to another, so easily and then integrating the new toys with the old ones….like his own personal world.

I’m also constantly gob smacked how he remembers all of there actual character names, phrases, special powers and whether they or a goodie or a baddie! I have trouble trying to remember what toy is what when asked!

Magoo sorts his prison spellings out, for his test on Tuesday. He also has to write ono of his warders an apology letter, as he wasn’t very well behaved in his lesson the previous week. Now this guy is good, demands respect, and gives it back, and he’s fair. Magoo was messing around last week so got shouted at, and then got into a strop.

So we have both told him he needs to say sorry, and the easiest and most sincere way is to write a letter.

So he sits at the kitchen table, and with help from thebeanspoonerswife, writes a pretty decent letter. He can give it to him tomorrow when he sees him!

It’s all about manners and respect! And it’s what we expect from him.

The rest of the time is spent with us catching up with odd jobs and doing some random prison activities with Magoo.

It’s dinner before too long, and today is a traditional Sunday. So for us, it’s good old, slow cooked Spaghetti Bolognese, which is a household favourite.

Luckily the internet has been working all day today, so updating my blog and checking the internet, has been alot easier that it was on Saturday!

We do a quick spelling test and as normal Magoo gets them all right….hopefully he will in the test!

We finish off the night watching a film while Magoo watches Tin Tin on his iPad while bunking down on top of his bed.

As our film ends, he decides he’s tired and wants to sleep! Goodnight’s all said, and he’s tucked up in bed, falling asleep while I write this.

We settle on the sofa to watch the final of Crufts, and there’s a Scottie in the final, from Russia of all places!

A Scottie!


It didn’t win!

No surprises there.

So off to bed we go.

Tomorrow it’s all change here at

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