Ah, Wednesday.

What can I say.

I have more belongings to sort through today. There’s still loads of stuff, in boxes, in cupboards, from when we moved into this house, nearly 2 years ago!

I slept like a hibernating bear dreaming of killing small animals in the summer, badly with indigestion!

So I was a bit grumpy and a bit groggy when I woke up. Everyone was awake and showered, breakfast eaten and ready for the off.

Thebeanspoonerswife called about 9am, to say Magoo had gotten off to the prison ok, even though they got caught in a rain shower the moment they left the car, for the entrance…..sods law.

She called as she should have been at work. But there was a traffic accident, so was still a few miles away….still!

I had to pop down to the car to collect the storage boxes we got the previous night, as we left them in there due to the fucking horrendous weather we had. I had visions of removing them from the back seat, and not only flying away with them, but also whacking all the posh cars we were parked by!

So, those collected, Bruce and I started wading through boxes and boxes and boxes.

I think they toys will have to wait till Magoo is around, as other wise he won’t know where anything is, and I will have forgotten!

I honestly didn’t get that far before I decided to stop being a knob and admit defeat. This really was going to be a two person job.

Thebeanspoonerswife called at lunch like normal, and after having a chat, we decided that the sorting of pictures, paperwork, keep sales, books and the massive variety of stashed away toys, would indeed be done by both of us, with Magoo over seeing the toy side of it!

So the rest of my afternoon was spent making sure lunches were prepared for the following day, as Magoo was to have roast dinner at the prison, one of his least favourite types of food, so a packed lunch was sorted out for him, and thebeanspoonerswifes.

I was going to cook this amazingly elaborate smoked BBQ pork and pepper dinner, but I honestly couldn’t be bothered, so decided on a mixed concoction out of the freezer….a lazy dinner!

Bruce and I spent the rest of the afternoon keeping each other awake, while sitting on the sofa.

The weather was dodgy, one second rain, the next sunshine, then back to rain and even a few rounds of hail!

Before I knew it, my phone was ringing to let me know thebeansooonerswife was in her way to collect me, so we could both go and get Magoo!

One sweaty, excited child collected, we headed home.

Prison work sorted, dinner eaten, we set about the next important task.

Tomorrow was to be a special day at the prison. They could all attend dressed as there favourite book character.

Magoos’s costume was all sorted, and we did some double checking, just to make sure!

He vanished pretty early on and got himself settled for bed, just shouting us when he wanted a good night kiss, the final part of his nightly routine!

It was about 8.15pm.

We both looked at each other and decided we would watch TV for about an hour, then bed!

Still shattered from crappy nights sleep, I honestly could have dropped right there. Needless to say, bed was calling!

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