The start.

So, Monday came around quicker than it really should have.

I was still feeling shitty from the day before, but at least a little better, which is always a bonus.

Magoo and thebeanspoonerswifes were up like normal, washed and dressed and eating breakfast.

She was ready for a day at work, and he was ready to go back to prison, albeit with his new school shoes and mega rucksack! He was also glad as there was no spelling test this week!

I was still half asleep when they left, I think.

Later I was up, washed and dressed.

Bruce and I did some laundry, and I sat to update my blog.

Only I didn’t.

I made every excuse, from going to the loo, to cleaning the kitchen, to actually sitting and talking to Bruce, as for the first time since starting this blog, I couldn’t be bothered to update it!

I ended up sorting the laundry out and making lunches for tomorrow.

It was then I decided I was going to tackle some of Magoos’s toys and bits of shit that were lying around every where.

It was only when I started, that I realised I needed more storage boxes. Something I didn’t have!

I set about checking on line for the best available prices for the sizes I thought I needed. I found them locally, so sent thebeanspoonerswife a text asking her to collect some on the way home, which she agreed to do.

So a plan was in motion

She called at lunch to check up on me like she does every day!

The afternoon was passed, finally updating my blog, and tidying the house.

I’ve told you before, Cinderella has nothing on me.

I ended up watching this random film on Netflix, that I struggled to stay awake through.

I suppose this lack of sleep is slowly changing my days to nights and vice versa, which I fucking hope it’s not.

As soon as thebeanspoonerswife and Magoo arrived home, we had a chat about the day, and I sat and did Magoos’s prison book with him.

Sounds like he hadn’t had a wonderful day, because of one thing or another. So we sat and had a proper parent chat with him, and he seemed to understand what we were trying to say and cheered up a little.

We had to Skype my parents as we never found the time the week before.

Magoo filled them in on what’s been happening since we spoke last time, and they told him some of the things that they have been up to.

They are off on their holidays next week, skiing. Well, 3 of them are skiing, sounds like my dad is going to be sampling some of the local alcohol’s, while the other 3 are hurtling down some slopes.

Magoo offered to get nanny a pillow for her bum, for when she falls over….again!

Cheeky little sod!

He proudly showed them his new school bag, which they fell about in hysterics at!

So, Skype call over with, and dinner was eaten.

Everyone seems shattered again today, maybe it’s just because it’s the start of a new week!?

Oh, the storm. I don’t think it really hit us very hard. We had a boat load of hail during the afternoon, and some heavy rain, but nothing too major…..

I wonder who had it the worst!?

You never know, tomorrow is another day!

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