S and S

Saturday, up super bright and early after a shocking nights sleep.

The plan was to get up early, wash, dress and eat breakfast, and then vanish into the city to get what we needed.

The alarm went off while I was sitting on the loo. I hear thebeanspoonerswife grumpily roll from her side of the bed to mine, to turn it off.

Back to bed and I got rid of the other alarms that were set the night before.

So, time to get our arses out of bed.

It didn’t happen!

We had a massive family cuddle in bed as we were all freezing and then Magoo vanished back to his pit to watch some more cartoons. We fell back asleep.

Woke up later than anticipated and finally out of bed, showered and fed, we all set about doing bits and bobs before we leave.

We had to get the dreaded petrol before we got too far, so that meant a trip into the petrol station, so Magoo and I got some obligatory sweets for the mini road trip, oh and thebeanspoonerswifes a cup of coffee!

The traffic was pretty light, and we got there quicker than I thought we would. Parking space sorted and we hit the shops!

We found this awesome little 80’s-90’s shop that sold all retro bags, wallets, and also more recent pop culture stuff. Magoo found the most awesome new school bag! He literally nearly burst when he saw it….it was fucking awesome! So in we went!

The guy that served us was friendly and nice and made conversation with Magoo, which for me, is a massive positive bonus. I’ve always worked in exceptionally high end retail, most of my working life, and customer service is key for me.

So a shop owner or worker, talking to, and acknowledging Magoo, wins points with me instantly!

He strolled out of the shop with his rucksack on his back and his goodies inside it! Bonus….he was carrying his own stuff!

We then spotted another store, it’s normally an uber expensive place, but this was an outlet version of the store. We found what we needed, and while thebeanspoonerswife was paying, we waited outside and hunted Pokémon. She came out pretty quickly, and very pissed off. The young girl who was working there, when approaching the till, waved at her, to point out she was busy, in a bit of a rude manner……so she left….

While she went into the next shop, we went back inside to purchase the original stuff we needed. Job done!

A few shops later and we had purchased everything we needed for next week, plus a new pair of slippers finally for Magoo! Dog feet slippers….you know the kind.

With everything got, the last stop was the toyshop! As quick dash in, one dragon and his rider bought, and a little bag of Lego!

Very quick, very easy!

Next stop, the car.

The journey home is always eventful. It’s normally remembering things we have forgotten to get, or , oh bugger, we should have gone into that shop, comments.

But this journey home was peaceful, that’s why is was memorable. Peace and quiet, so to speak.

We needed to go to the supermarket on the way home for a few essentials. That done, Magoo reminded me he wanted a pasty for dinner. So, that bought, we could finally make it to the homeward stretch!


Now, there was supposed to be a horrendous storm on its way, and depending on where you checked, it could touch down anytime between Saturday morning and Monday night.

We were on Saturday night, and still nothing major. Little bit of extra wind, and some harsh rain.

Magoo placed his new coaster he had bought with the other massive pile he has, and asked me to help him sort his new prison bag out. You know the drill, swapping all the oddities from one bag to another. He has so much shit on his bag, key rings of every description you can imagine.

We were all feeling a little tired, so settled to watch some TV, with Magoo going upstairs to settle a little earlier than normal.

Even Bruce looked tired, so I had no idea what he’d been up to while were out earlier in the day.

So an earlier night was needed.

I went to bed not feeling quite right.

Sunday, was not a good day.

I went to bed Saturday night not feeling wonderful, and after watching TV for a little while, decided to try and sleep.

Seriously though, an hour or so later I woke up in a massive cold sweat, and thought I was about to up chuck the previous nights dinner!

So, 2 hours later I’m back in bed, feeling like I had drowned, whilst having the shit kicked out of me. I was in agony.

Cold flannel on my head, I tried to get some sleep.

I think I had a full 5 hours of broken, uncomfortable and horrible sleep. The alarm went off about 6am ish, as I’d obviously forgotten to turn it off the night before.

Cold flannel re frozen, I went back to bed, mumbling something to thebeanspoonerswife in the process.

Next thing I know, it’s about 11.30am.

Obviously fallen back to sleep, I’d been left to just sleep and wake up whenever.

Magoo was just about to jump into the shower, after coming in to check on me. He said I’d been snoring, but thebeanspoonerswife had said to leave me be as I wasn’t feeling good.

The rest of the day was just us, pottering and taking it easy, as I wasn’t feeling too great. Ironing done, prison work done, some Lego adventure playing done. It was quickly late evening before I really knew what the hell was going on.

The day was a little bit of a blur. We did pop out, but I was just desperate to get back home.

So a small dinner was cooked and eaten, and then early bed all round.

A pretty boring, but accomplishing day.


Our weekends are that boring.

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