Numero 2.

Magoo wasn’t too well in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

He gets an upset tummy. I suppose like all kids.

Not as in the sloppy poops upset tummy. More a tummy ache, pain, and then a poop.

I used to get it at his age, well, it started younger than his age, so I hoped it had passed him by, obviously not.

He had an extra 20 minute lie in, in the morning, but still got up, bright and loud like normal!

Thebeanspoonerswife and I were both up. She showered and while dressing I went and sorted him out, in his Orwellian-esq prison conformed uniform!

Breakfast eaten and everything gathered together, they said their goodbyes and left.

Bruce was sitting in his pit, snoring and the cat was on Magoos’s bed, looking settled for the day.

I on the other hand, had shit loads to do!

Thebeanspoonerswife got me, 4 70 litre storage boxes for everything I need to tidy and stash away.

So I better get started.

I decided not to shower this morning, minging I know, but I don’t see the point when I know I’m going to get dusty, hot and sweaty sorting all this shit out.

I started on the cupboard in the lounge. To us, it’s the cupboard under the stairs, even though it’s not.

Jesus. I thought the wires were bad the other week, but we have more books than most community libraries, and don’t get me started on our huge dvd collection.

Bloody hell.

An hour later I can actually see the floor in the cupboard. Mini piles of stacks made all over the lounge, I work on the old ottoman we have. It’s currently full of random toys of Magoos. Not for long.

Another hour passes and my knees feel like that of a Catholic schoolboys. Finally at the bottom of the ottoman. Toys.

Toys everywhere. Power rangers, miles from tomorrow, Lego, bits of Lego, Hotwheels, transformers, you name it, it’s there!

So, miniature piles turned into larger piles, all for storing or sorting away.

I’m definitely going to need more storage boxes. But I did find a load of Magoos’s dvds I couldn’t place, and a few of our own ones!

All the while Bruce is watching from his pit. Looks like it’s tools down from him, as he’s hiding in his blankets. I wonder if he called his foreman to let him know!? Probably not knowing Bruce. Hobbes on the other hand, is hiding upstairs, god knows where, as long as he’s not wretching his gut anywhere, he can hide where he likes.

Lunch. I’m not overly hungry so settle on a man lunch. A packet of crisps and a chocolate bar, followed by a healthy glass of sugary fruit juice!

Thebeanspoonerswife calls to check up on me, and we talk about something that happened at the prison entrance this morning. If it goes ok, there’s an entire post in it….if not, I’ll tell you tomorrow what it was!

She’s not having a bad day at work, just busy, busy, busy, which is good good good!

She reminds me I’m going with her to collect Magoo tonight … like I said, depending on what happened this morning, it will either go smoothly, or not…..mmmm!

So the afternoon passes with me thinking why did I start this tidy up job. There’s shit tonnes more mess now, than when I started. Then again, it’s bin day tomorrow, so hopefully with some help from thebeanspoonerswife later after dinner, we can get some of it tidied away, or even chucked away!

You never know.

So, she calls to say she’s on her way home, and before I know it, we are off to get Magoo from his daily hostage centre. Do you ever think they get Stockholm syndrome!? I doubt it very much!

So, one Magoo collected, he does his usual routine of ramming his entire day, into a 10 minute car journey. I’m sure he could enter a speed talking competition!

We end up popping to the department store, so I can get even more storage boxes for the mounds, no heaps of shit we still have, that needs to be stored away.

That over and done with, we head home.

Magoo read some of his book for the next day at prison, and points out his jailer has given him some new spellings to learn for next week!

Dinner is sorted and eaten.

Magoo was waffling on about his new prison project he is working on. It honestly sounds as exciting as tunneling out of a prison camp, so good luck to him, and the rest of his cell mates!

He vanishes and get changed into pyjamas that are a little small for him, but none the less, he knows best! It isn’t long before he tells us he’s off to bed to watch 30 mins of TV, before he gets settled.

We are not too far behind him. Bruce, as normal, had taken great care of me today, so he looks like how I feel. The cat on the other hand, wanker, decided while sitting on thebeanspoonerswife lap earlier, that it was ok, to launch a vile and horrendous attack on me, biting the shit out of my hand. I think I need to have a chat with Bruce tomorrow and see if he and his foreman can sort him out for me…..there maybe a few treats in it for him…..

Dog bribery, what have I lowered myself too!

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