Party day.

There is no party.

It’s just Friday…..and for everyone who continues to live their youth through into their 30’s and 40’s, tonight is party night.

For us, it’s normally take away night.

Is that the same for you!?

So Friday didn’t start with a bang, or a lie in, due to the previous nights apparent false burglary episodes caused by the cat, or a shit nights sleep.

It just started.

I did not sleep well, which I’m sort of getting used to, I know I shouldn’t, but I am.

Everyone who needs to be up, washed and dressed, is, and breakfast is eaten.

Both thebeanspoonerswife and Magoo leave at the same time, obviously, as Magoo cant get back to the prison on his own.

My head reminds me that we are both attending an open afternoon there today….joy of joys.

Thebeanspoonerswife calls when she has dropped Magoo off. She is working pretty local today and the fact she has the afternoon off for the above mentioned visit, she will be home just after lunch!

Bruce and I really need to get our arses in gear.

So today, I decided that I needed a hair cut. I use that term loosely. I have a little more hair than Homer Simpson. So head shaved, side of head cut with a razor, blood down my face and in my ear, I clean the sink up and jump in the shower!

Thebeanspoonerswife had text me to say where she is working today, is one of Magoos’s favourite shops at the moment, and the owner is giving her a freebie for him, as she’s doing a survey for him, result!

His little head will explode!

So, up, washed, dressed and laundry on. Does anyone else do laundry every day? Does it ever end!? How do people cope with more than one kid!?

I updated my blog, checked a few viewing figures, realised my cunning plan is working, and sat around waiting for thebeanspoonerswife to come home.

Bruce was sat on the sofa with me, lying on a cushion, snoring his head off……he lets out the most amazingly vile and repugnant fart, shocks himself awake and looks at me. Glares at me, as if to say, whoah fella, that fart woke me up, and it’s vile!

He jumps off the sofa to go and call his union rep again, and waddles under the side table into his pit. Within 30 seconds I can hear snoring again!

How the dog lives.

Thebeanspoonerswife calls to say she is on her way home, and as soon as she arrives home, Bruce, the Judas, is jumping around like he hasn’t seen her in a week.

A quick change of her clothes and we are off out of the door, to prison.

All I can say is, it was wet, it was worth it, and Magoo did really well.

I can’t write anymore than that, as most people seem to take offence to anything I write, and I really can’t be arsed to deal with their self centred sanctimonious fuckery, as they think they are someone special.

Anyways, we leave prison at kicking out time and head into town as Magoo needs new shoes!

Buying new shoes for kids is normally a pain in the arse. But Magoo is always pretty well behaved. He found a pair he liked, and that fitted.

He has very flat, wide feet…..he’s not flat footed, just flat and wide!

They cost the same price as adult shoes! Fuck me. But then again, he does wear them to prison 5 days a week.

We had to go and get a magnifying glass, and some other things he needs next week for prison.

Think, one day, they can dress up as there favourite book character……that’s next week. See….never mentioned it!

So, all of that done and we are heading home. It’s been pissing down all afternoon. Why oh why did I shave my head this morning. In the rain, a freshly shaved head is horrendous. Not only is it cold, freezing and feels like someone is stabbing you with 100’s and 1000’s of tiny icecles, but it drops everywhere, and I mean everywhere!


And dry!

Prison work is postponed till Sunday, as no one can be arsed tonight.

Dinner is sorted. Magoo has his before us as we are faffing doing bits and bobs and talking about what we need when we go out tomorrow.

Our dinner eaten and everything sorted away, we sit down to watch some TV, and generally catch up on our day and the week.

We end up sitting watching a film we have seen before, but can’t remember all of it. Magoo vanishes to get settled for bet, and not long after he’s spark out. It isn’t long before we follow!

See, no parties here, oh and we did have takeaway…..we had Dominoes.

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