The day that wasn’t Thursday.

So, I slept pretty well Tuesday night, no medication needed. I’m assuming struggling to stay awake all afternoon and then powering on with my odd jobs obviously worked.

I was awake as the alarm went off. Thebeanspoonerswife is whacking me telling me to wait for the next alarm. We have 3 alarms set, minutes apart, as we are human, and like everyone else who enjoys sleep, the moment we hear an alarm, we each out to whack the clock, only to fall back asleep. So 3 alarms are out fail safe method!

Everyone up, washed, dressed, fed and it’s nearly time for thebeanspoonerswife and Magoo to leave for there days. For some reason, Thebeanspoonerswife has brushed Magoos’s hair, so he looks like a throwback to the 80’s New York stock exchange. Is something going down at the prison today, that I haven’t been told about!? Turns out, it was just the way she brushed it….

But honestly, he needed a stripey white and blue shirt, blue trousers, red socks, black shoes, red braces and a filo fax and lit cigar to bring his haircut and alter ego to live!

Off they both vanish. Now, I never check my phone this early in the morning, as if someone wants me this time of the day, it must mean that someone had died.

Anyways. It was the builder. He will be around at 10 am to finally finish the ever lasting job off.

2 coats of paint and 2 coats of varnish and then it’s all done! Brilliant.

While we wait, I sit in the kitchen and read the news while Bruce is rolling around the lounge floor, annoying not only the cat, but himself as well. He can’t seem to find the biscuit I’ve just given him. For a second there are angry death stares between Bruce and the cat, as he assumes the cat has stolen his food, but when he looks another way, basically infront of him, and notices it’s there in plain sight, he snatches it up, and goes and sits back under the kitchen table, like Gollum, with the one ring, just this is a malted milk biscuit!

As per normal the builder is here bang on the time he said he would be. I’ve never known a builder or any work man be this punctual!

So he sets about painting and doing something with varnish, while I’m sat in the kitchen updating my blog and writing something else, for something completely different.

How my days are spent!

Before Bruce and I know it, the builder is asking me to inspect the final part of his work. Bloody hell he’s good! He said he needs to pop back in about 10 days, to see how it’s all settled down after drying and curing. He’s done a fantastic job.

Means tomorrow I can finally put the lounge back together!

Bruce and I say our goodbyes and off he goes. Thebeanspoonerswife calls at lunch like normal and we chat about the building work and then about her work. She has a hectic work load today, and not all hands are helping, so she’s cracking on with what she can. We say a quick goodbye, and she’s gone again!

Bruce and I decide to settle on the sofa, as we have nothing to do. Well, Bruce doesn’t, but I can think of at least 10 different things I could be doing, but can’t be bothered right this very second!

I know, not the right attitude, but it’s the only one I have right now, so will have to do.

The afternoon is spent watching a little TV, finishing the laundry off and trying desperately to stay awake. Thebeanspoonerswife calls to remind me I’m going with her to collect el capitano from the prison, so she calls to mention how long she’s going to be! Magoo really does prefer both of us collecting him….!

She swings by to collect me and we finish discussing the building work and how her day went.

When we get to the prison camp, Magoo is overly excited to see us and we are back in the car before we know it.

Home, sanctuary. We discuss a few things that are happening this week and next.

And to top the day off that I thought was Thursday, I realise Magoo has a hole in his prison shoes.

For fucks sake!

Then again, he’s had them since September, so they’ve done pretty well. I know what we will be doing on Saturday, visiting Clarks for new shoes! Balls.

Prison work completed, we sort dinner out and eat as family, rattling on about our days and what we might do at the weekend. There’s no TV on tonight, as after the builder left the lounge floor was in a bit of mess, so thebeanspoonerswife gave the floor a good hot mopping.

I never got round to re wiring the TV and entertainment system, as I thought I’d leave it till tomorrow, so I can take more time doing it neatly, so it doesn’t look like an aerial view of a motorway intersection.

Magoo got into his pyjamas before dinner, so he goes upstairs to get settled. As there’s no TV downstairs, we decide to have an earlier night and catch up on TV on the iPad in bed.

I told you, pretty boring and mundane. But I bet your day has been as eventful as mine

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