The day after, the day after Sunday.

Today, I am feeling like shit.

Not like a pile, squib, log or anything, just, I feel like shit.

I went to bed last night semi tired, but nearly fully awake. I knew I wasn’t going to sleep, as I had felt exhausted in the afternoon, but powered on through. So much so, I had started to wake up again, and I didn’t want the second coming of energy, right before bed.

So I have prescription sleeping tablets. I only use them when really needed. I try not to rely on pills and potions too much (apart from my blood pressure tablets….you know…stop my heart from exploding and my eyes bleeding), as most things normally pass.

I was prescribed them last year, when I had the worst case of insomnia. Thing is, you can only take say, 2-3 a week. As the days you don’t take them, you struggle to sleep, as you are awake, wanting to sleep, knowing you cent, and deciding if you should take a tablet or not.

This is the draw back.

But I haven’t slept properly in about a month.

So one was taken, 5 mins later …..I woke up about 6.30 am this morning.

So I had had sleep. Thing is you wake up, well, semi wake up feeling like you have drunk your weight in alcohol and been beaten half to death. But I’d had a good sleep right.

I woke, checked the time, realised a new civilization was celebrating the millennium in my head, and went back to sleep.

I was awoken about 7.30 maybe, with Magoo patting me on the head to say bye, as he and thebeanspoonerswifes were off. She was behind him, and I’m sure we had a conversation about something and then all shouted goodbye. I can’t remember what was said.

I heard the words bye shouted my way and then I was gone again.

The sleeping tablets are great, but you wake up a little half cut, so to speak. I normally get up, but today fell back asleep for a few more hours.

I woke about 9.30 am to the sound of builders working over the road, outside.

This time I made sure I sat upright, as this normally helps the effects.

10 mins later I’m finally fully awake and sitting with Bruce, who looks pretty pleased with himself on the sofa, as he’s surrounded by recently found dog biscuits. He’s like an overgrown mutant black squirrel!

I make a quick breakfast while I watch the news and catch up on some writing.

The news is full of death, and more Oscar’s news.

The weather on the other hand, looks like any other summers day….just it’s the end of February!

Global warming I guess!

So, showered, dressed and I’m back down stairs deciding what to cook up for dinner tonight!?

I have a little laundry to do, and some gardening to start.

The gardening may have to wait, it’s the least favourite of jobs in this family!

I potter around the house for a bit. I need to try and knock up a times table sheet for Magoo, to help him with his maths, as he could do with being a little quicker, but then again, he is only 7.

Bruce and I have the doors and windows opened to the house can have an airing.

While writing, thebeanspoonerswife calls and checks I’m ok. I think she knew I wasn’t in the best mood or state, after some of the replies to her texts in the morning. Not shitty replies, just, well, not my usual.

She’s having a shit day at work due to the work load and a few teething issues with different bits and bobs going on in her lab. But she seems fine otherwise, so that’s a good point!

I start preparing dinner for tonight, mexican, so definitely need the back door open and a few windows!

I get a text saying thebeanspoonerswife will swing by after work to come and get me, so we can both go collect Magoo from the prison together, so that should be an adventure.

While dinner is simmering away, Bruce is fast asleep on the carpet and I’ve done a little more laundry. I finally sit down and start to kill evil zombies and mutants on the Xbox for half an hour!

I get a call saying thebeanspoonerswife is near by, so I make sure Bruce had been out for a pee (for some reason, now he’s a bit older, he likes to know someone is around while he’s pissing up random plants in the back garden, who knows), one thebeanspooner collected and off we go.

The moment we leave the prison he is telling us about getting 16/16 on his spelling test….maybe he is back on form(?), and everything he’s been up to today, all in 90 seconds.

We arrive home, reading book is sorted, and we all speak about the spelling test, and the outcome. He seems alot happier today about it all.

He disappears to get his pyjamas on and we all sit and eat dinner together.

We have another chat about some things that are happening at the end of the week and we all settle down on the sofa.

Thebeanspoonerswife checks I’m ok, as I’ve been shattered all day, with the worse headache. But I’m ok.

Magoo vanished up stairs to get settled for bed. We sit and watch a bit of TV, read the news and generally look through the internet. It’s not long before we are both starting to yawn more and more and decided to call it a night and make our way to bed.

I don’t normally read in bed, thebeanspoonerswife does, and I watch something on the iPad, but I have a new book I really want to get into!

It’s the half way point tomorrow!

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