The taking on of the ‘PTA’.

So, from the title of this blog, you can only assume one thing, and one thing only.

Have you guessed it correctly, or have I already offended you?

Are you still reading, or have you started writing your negative emails, and started dialling the rest of the gang?

Well, for the nosy reader/viewer among you, it’s not a take down of the Parent Teacher Association, and for a few good reasons.

1. I am neither stupid or crazy enough.

2. I like to write about day to day things, or times that actually occurred in my life.

3. I honestly can’t think of anything more boring to talk about.

4. I unlike others, that have been never mentioned, am not fickle, or vain enough to ever be part of a gang.

But the taking of PTA

Phuck This All,

I had to us the Ph instead of F, as for a title, to a blog that reaches out over the internet and a few different social media platforms, using the word Fuck in a title, isn’t a smooth move!

Phuck This All refers to every day chores and tasks, even feelings.

There are times, when I honestly just wish, I could just fuck it all.

Don’t get me wrong, not being a husband or a parent. To me, those are the two best things in the world. Your own opinion maybe different, but, for the purpose of this article, this is mine.

But sometimes, when shit gets on top of you, do you never just wish you could vanish, disappear, like Lord Lucan, or 1p sweets?

I do, a lot of the time.

But as a semi responsible adult, I can’t, and I don’t think I really would.

Well, I would if I could take thebeanspoonerswife, Magoo, Bruce and even Hobbes with me!

I get a sense from talking to a lot of people, I am not alone.

You could read into this and think I’d like to move house, country, or even country. But you are wrong, as I, we, are exceptionally happy where we are. All of us. So tough, you can’t get rid of us that easily.

But, are you ever in a scenario, any, and just think, could I turn on my heels now, and just walk away? And not give a rats arse about the consequences?

I bet you’ve been in more than one scenario, I know I have.

But have any of you ever done it…? As in really done it?

I have been in that situation once.

I used to work for a big name tool brand store. I had been out of work previously for about 7 months, so when the interview came up, I was more than happy just for that, an interview, I never thought id even get a job.

But from the moment I sat my arse on the chair, I knew i had fucked up. I’m more a traditionalist when it comes to interviews. A sit down interview is preferred. This was going to be no such case. Role playing……oh for fuck’s sake.

So in a hotel conference room, full of 24 male applicants and about 6-8 female applicants, you were being interviewed in fake, made up role play scenarios. I could feel my skin crawling! So an hour later, after numerous role-playing outcomes, it looked like it was finally over. But no. Then came the one on one interviews, in lots of different rooms. Bloody hell. I don’t know how many big business interviews you’ve ever had, but I have had two before, and this, I’m afraid to say, wasn’t the norm!

Skip 18 months forward, to being a departmental manager of this company for about 6 months. I have to be honest, it dawned on me one day, that fuck it, fuck it all. I couldn’t work there. It was the biggest, male dominated, dick measuring company I’d ever worked for, and I know how big my Johnson is thanks.

I will write a post about jobs in the future, detailing a little more that actually went into my decision to quit the job, as there’s a little more to it, but this is the simple version, for now.

So, fuck it.

Fuck it all.

I quit.

I was scared to death, but oh so relieved.

That was the only time I’ve actually gone, fuck it all, and carried on.

I have moments, everyday, every hour, when I just think, ah balls to it all…..Who would notice?

I had one of these moments quite recently when the Orwellian censorship moaned, emailed and asked me to censor and edit my blog.

I thought, you know what, fuck it all. Why carry on?

Why should I spend my time writing, for a vain minority to throw their toys out of the pram and pretend they are offended, by something some one has written, which has nothing to do with them…….?! Why?

But then i thought, you know what Fuck This All……..


I enjoy writing about the mundane, my days, MY days. Isn’t writing a form of freedom for some people, if I didn’t want to be judged, I wouldn’t have made these posts, this blog, public. I just didn’t realise some people, adults, would still act like children, when they read something THEY didn’t like.

Ah well, Fuck This All…..

And that, dear reader, is what I am doing. Carrying on.

I hope you enjoy my rambling. I enjoy writing them!

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