All quiet on the south western front

Monday Monday.

Can mean only a few things.

Thebeanspoonerswife is back to work, and Magoo is back to his regimented regime for the Orwellian prison system.

I had literally the shittiest nights sleep the night before, so I wake up just as shattered! Deep joy.

I know I can’t go back to sleep to get a few precious hours of power napping in, as the builder text me yesterday afternoon, asking if I was around, so he could come and start the beginning of the end, on last week’s work!

Thebeanspoonerswife and Magoo safely off to their locations, and I’m in the shower, dressed and sorting breakfast out while having a chat with Bruce.

I’ve already read the news this morning and the segment on the local fire, in the next village over from us. A huge fire broke out just after midnight, in a very old and well established pub. 4 people have been taken to hospital, and it looks like the pub is destroyed. As I read more, the fire broke out upstairs and rapidly spread across the entire building and had effected a few neighbouring houses.

The road will be closed for some time!

Shit. It’s one of two main ways into our village, but at least no one was harmed.

So I’m up and starting the laundry, so I can get a few odd jobs out of the way before the builder arrives.

Mid way through he calls to tell me the roads are at a stand still, due to the fire and the damage it had caused. He’s calling to reschedule for later in the day, hopefully when the traffic has eased up a bit.

That’s fine by me. Cue juggling my day around.

I sit in the kitchen and start editing my blog, while also reading more on the news.

My blog normally consists of lots of posts in different stages of completion.

Some are just heading or titles of posts, with maybe a few lines, for my benefit, detailing what I want the post to be about, so I don’t forget when I finally get around to writing them. Some posts are half completed, some are basically completed, but need a few tweaks and re jigging. It’s alot harder than it reads, as this literacy skills and masterpieces don’t write themselves, or come out of thin air!

So I’m half way through coming up with ideas when the builder arrives. Bang on time!

He gets to work doing his stuff, while Bruce does his best site manager impression and sits in the floor next to him, keeping watching.

Either Bruce is sleepy, or he’s not overly impressed, either way, he’s out from under my feet!

Before I know it thebeanspoonerswife is texting as it’s lunchtime. We quickly catch up, back and forth, on our day so far, and then say our goodbyes for now.

I still think she checks up on me!

Back to writing. Some of you may know that from previous posts, I have pushed what I can and can’t write. Well, what some people say I can and can’t write, and technically, I can write what I want, and suffer the consequences, which I have done.

So some of my forth coming blog posts and titles, may touch a few nerves. They range from, ‘fox hunting, let’s kill the riders’ and ‘is your family tree like a stick’, to ‘freedom of speech, only if you are privileged (or think you are)’, start to take form.


The builder had finished his job for today, plaster needs to dry and wood stain too. He should be back later in the week. I look for site manager Bruce, but in typical fashion he’s already quit for the day and is asleep on the rug! So off goes the builder.

Bruce and I finish the laundry off, and I start to think about what to cook for dinner.

We spend the rest of what’s left of the afternoon watching some TV, and trying not to fall asleep. I’m thinking if I struggle to stay awake, I should be shattered and sleep better later on.

Thebeanspoonerswife has a doctor’s appointment after work, so is collecting Magoo from his daily sentence and then taking him with her. They should be home about 6pm ish. Our doctors surgery, I’m assumimg like so many others, are always running late. But if you arrive late for your appointed time, they turn you away and we’ve waited over an extra hour before! But there’s no point moaning, it happens, end of.

Bruce is happily asleep while I update different posts on my blog, and try out some different styles. Hobbes is also in. He’s been in the back of the arm chair, on a blanket, asleep since about lunch. What a life.

It’s the big spelling test at the youth correction facility tomorrow, so once Magoos’s arrives home, there is that to work in, and dinner to be eaten.

I am hoping the weather is going to be dry tomorrow (it’s been the hottest February day on record today, according to the news), so hopefully tomorrow will continue with the trend!

They are home, Bruce looks a me for support, in a way to say, for fucks sake, our peace and quiet had now been ruined by YOUR child! Sorry Bruce.

Magoo tells me in under 30 seconds what he’s been up to ALL day! And then he takes a breath. I’m sure he could enter a speed speaking competition and more than likely win!

Dinner eaten, and time is ticking on, as thebeanspoonerswife did indeed have to wait some time for appointment, so everything is happening a little later than normal.

Again, I’m struggling to stay awake!

Magoo is tired, and we assume it’s because if the first day back at the prison …..he’s normally like this, the first day back.

So off he goes to get settled for bed, with the cat following a few steps behind.

We sit and catch up on our days, thebeanspoonerswife’s is a little more fulfilling than mine, as I’ve been pottering all day. She mentioned that the roads are still bad from the fire the previous night

Bloody hell!

Not long after we are off to bed.

Tomorrow I have a few random things to do. Firstly I need to check some stats on this blog. I published a post parental control, and want to see the figures…..the viewing and spying figures, as the word parent was mentioned in the title, and we all know how sensitive that can be! But I also need to fix/glue/seal a small hole in my wetsuit in preparation for when the water gets a bit warmer and we can go swimming in the sea more often.

Now where did I leave the wetsuit glue!?

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