Adventures in weekend world.

I would assume you all make plans for your weekends, either during the week, or ages before, if you are super organised.

Lately we have had no concrete plans for our weekends.

We just normally decide on the Friday night, what we are going to do over the next two days, or just wing it each day.

This weekend is no different.

Thebeanspoonerswife was out of bed first, as Bruce needed to go downstairs and have his morning pee I’m the garden. His little dog legs are to short to climb stairs, so generally needs help. Do they do stair lifts for dogs!?

Magoo is already up and watching cartoons in bed. I on the other hand, was the last one awake. I had the crappiest nights sleep, so I’ve slept in. Bugger.

So when I’m finally out of bed, thebeanspoonerswife and I eat breakfast, as Magoo has just finished his!

He was whittering on about Lego, and what film to watch later this evening. We decided on a film we have both watched, but thebeanspoonerswife hasn’t.

That’s a good choice we decide.

I wanted to crack on with his prison work for next week, as he has spellings still to learn. He normally has 10 to learn, but this time he has 16. We think his confidence has been knocked a little, after getting one wrong last time, and being belittled by someone in his wing, in the prison.

I have told him, it doesn’t matter, as long as he tries his hardest, that’s what counts. We decide to leave this till later as he , and the both of us, need to get showered so we can get dressed and go out. The rule in the house is, the quicker we get ready, the quicker we can go out, means the quicker we get back!

We decided not to go swimming today, as we still have a few bits and bobs to sort out, and some odd jobs around the house

Oh, and we need to get the car washed. Living by the sea and beach has its benefits, but also it’s drawbacks. Mainly our car normally gets covered in salt water, and is normally pebble dashed in sea gulls shit. At present, it looks like a target for newly trained gulls…..shit everywhere, on every panel!

Oh, Magoo has decided on a new school bag. I remembered I had an old rucksack, that happened to be red (red being his favourite colour), under the bed, that was a little quirky and not the norm, so to speak.

We found it out, he tried it for size and style, went and had a look in the mirror, and decided it was for him. So he is now the proud new owner of a rare, and old, Burton snowboards bag! He’s well chuffed with himself!

But we still need to find slippers.

We went and got the car washed, filled up with fuel, and hunted in 4, maybe even 5 places for slippers! But none! We even quickly went into the dreaded town centre, but still none.

Our local town is dying on its arse. Middle of Saturday afternoon, and it was dead. Not a good sign, and not a good sign for the future and Magoos’s age range!

Back home, it’s Lego time.

Thebeanspoonerswife is catching up on bits and bobs, and Magoo and are are having a Lego battle.

The Lego battle today is Ninjago. He was the Ninjago ninjas, while I was the Ninjago bad guys! I could see from the start how this was going to end. I don’t mind, any time with him is amazing, and we both share a love for Lego, and especially the Ninjago range. We have, over time, built it all together, so it’s good to play with it together!

Dinner is decided and cooked. We eat while catching up on some TV. Admit it, we all watch TV, or have it as background noise when we eat, and then it’s film time!

Magoo is already in his pyjamas as he’s ready and waiting, on his arm chair, with his blanket. We all settled down to watch the film.

Film over and done with, we are all tired again. I have no idea why I’m so knackered. Magoo shuffles off to bed and we make sure the lounge is tidy and Bruce goes out for his night time piss!

Off to bed we go…hopefully a better night’s sleep than the night before!

Sunday starts early, in the dark.

I, am not amused!

I hate it being dark of a morning, well this time of the morning.

We ha a few odd jobs to do around the house and garden, then it was just to learn those dreaded spellings, then the day was ours.

A Lego battle happened again, with no real outcome. Sunday’s are normally spent like this, playing, messing around and basically just being us.

Looks like another Lego battle is scheduled in for later on this evening. I can’t wait!

Magoo and thebeanspoonerswifes have made cookies, and unbeknown to be, have sampled a few, for quality purposes, I have been informed.

Thebeanspoonerswife got her stuff ready for work, and Magoo is all set for being back at prison tomorrow.

Dinner is decided, a good old fashioned traditional Sunday dinner. Spaghetti Bolognese, and garlic, tomato and green pesto bread. We don’t go in for the traditional Sunday roast!

The rest of the day is spent pottering and doing bits and bobs ready for everyone’s return.

Thebeanspoonerswife and I watch a little bit of TV, while Magoo catches up on some cartoons. He’s either binge watching something, or watching something again, as he’s chuckling his head off.

Looks like an early night is needed as he’s getting cranky.

He settles about 8ish, and it’s not soon before he wanders off to bed, to get settled in and wrapped up for the night

We are not long behind him, as per normal, we are both knackered. Neither of us slept well Saturday night. And the dreaded work is upon us tomorrow.

Hopefully everyone’s return goes smoothly!

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