The waiting.

Today was all about waiting.

Thebeanspoonerswife was up super early, as she had a job over in Exmouth today. When I say up early, she was, but she wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. I suppose leaving the house at 7.30 am to drive 3 hours wasn’t her idea of fun. Is it anyone’s!?

So she’s up, out and Magoo hasn’t even made a sound. I didn’t sleep too well. I fell asleep pretty quickly the night before, but from 2 am onwards, I was basically awake. So the moment she leaves the house, I’m out cold. I’m awoken to the sound of Magoo walking back up stairs. He shouts out that he’s been to check on Bruce, and to fetch his iPad, so he can watch cartoons in bed. Fair enough.

But I’m now awake. Little shit!

So, showers, breakfast, and some prison work. Magoo has a bigger spelling test when he gets back to the institution, so we are learning them in stages!

But today is all about waiting.

We do his prison work at the kitchen table. He’s still sat in his dressing gown and apparently is getting dressed after we have finished his work…..ok boss!

With that finished, he disappears to hopefully get dressed, while I catch up on the laundry.

And to wait.

We are having online shopping delivered. You know between 2 certain times, and you know if you don’t wait, it will turn up as soon as you start something. But if you sit around and wait, it won’t turn up till the last minute. Well I have 2 windows, for 2 different deliveries to wait for today. Then again, we have a small house, and Magoo is in.

He has fox like hearing, and can hear everything, even with headphones on, it seems.

So while I wait, I update my blog, read the news, and look on the old internet.

Magoo is in need, well, not desperae need, for a new school bag, and we are slowly whittling down the choices. He’s a very picky kid! I’m also looking for some inspiration for things I need to write, and generally watching funny cat videos in the background. Admit it, you do it as well!

So the wait is on. Our first delivery turns up, just as I’ve got bored of waiting and starting piecing the lounge back together! Bollocks.

The bloke delivering the shopping is panicking as the traffic warden, who is the biggest arsehole in the world, is lurking! But he’s in and out super quick, and we are left to unpack. Magoo is a crappy helper, but he somehow knows I need his help today, so he’s pretty good, for a change.

So after that is away, I start work on the mammoth task of sorting out our lounge and the home entertainment centre, until the next delivery appears!

And wires.

And wires.

And wires.

Bloody hell. I can’t remember where half of them go, so I just wing it and hope for the best. After what feels like an eternity I’m finished. Well as finished as I can be, as the building work is 75% complete, so still needs to be finished off. The builder text to say it will be one or two afternoons next week and is that ok. Obviously it’s a pain in the arse, but yes, that’s fine, as it still needs doing. He’s a nice enough bloke and I know he is busy, busy, busy.

The lounge is nearly complete.

A phone call from thebeanspoonerswife, while eating her lunch, and telling me quickly about her day. I remind her we need to go and get a bone for Bruce later, and a cake, as it would have been Marley’s 13th birthday today. For Marley please check out ‘the death of a super hero’ post.

Magoo and I start to tidy, and I had laundry to fold. As soon as all that’s done, we are both sitting down, watching a little TV together, before thebeanspoonerswife gets home. The next delivery has arrived and I have one happy Magoo.

It was a dragon toy he has been after, so we ordered it off of the internet, as it’s easier all round.

Thebeanspoonerswife gets home and regales her day to us and we return the favour. She seems happy and pleased that we have managed to sort nearly all of the lounge out, as I think she was dreading it too.

She doesn’t seem as knackered as I thought she would, and she just mentions that the driving part of her day has done her head in!

Magoo is, as always, excited she is home!


Dinner is decided and sorted, and we sit and watch and episode of something on the TV. It’s finally nice to have the lounge back, semi normal, as it was a shit tip before. Which, honestly, was driving me nuts!

We settle and sit and chat, catch up, and make plans for tomorrow. The weekend.

Looks like swimming is on the cards! Good.

We like a good swim, but it’s a shame it’s at the local leisure centre, as none of us are keen on swimming in chlorine, but, until the sea gets warmer, it’s the better of both worlds!

Magoo disappears upstairs. He’s pretty tired, as he’s been helping me for most of the day sort odd jobs out, and he’s still playing catch up from his late night last night, watching the murder mystery programme!

We follow not long after as we are both knackered as well.

It’s the weekend, so I wonder what were are going to be doing, as like normal, we have no concrete plans, as we never really decided early , apart from swimming!

So you never know…….

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