The cinema trip

The cinema is a weird and wonderful place.

Thebeanspoonerswife was up early and ready for work. She came in to say goodbye, and smelt so badly of marmite. Why do people eat it for breakfast, or any other time of the day!? WHY!? Ergh!

Magoo jumped into bed with me for morning cuddles before I went for a shower. He has always done this, jumped into bed with either, or both of us, in the morning.

He brought his ever trusted iPad with him, so he can watch cartoons before it’s his turn to get washed.

So, both of us washed, dressed and teeth brushed, we sit and have breakfast and talk about what we need to get when we go out today.

Well, we are off to the cinema, to see The Lego Movie 2. He double checks I’ve booked tickets, in the seats he likes to sit in, cheeky bugger. But yes, I have!

He mentions we need to buy some new felt tip colouring pens as the ones he owns are old and starting to run out, so a good point made.

I dont drive, so we wander round to get the bus, from our little smaller village, to our not so big town.

He enjoys getting the bus, but not the walking to get the bus part.

We are having road works done in the village, so he gets even more pissed off when he realises we need to walk up and out of the village a bit, due to this.

But it’s a gloriously sunny day, so he doesn’t moan half as much as normal!

Once on the bus, he again reminds me of what we need to get while out, and constantly asks what time it is, and if we will miss the film. We have more than enough time, and no, we will not miss the film….it’s more than my life is worth!

Into town we go. The bus is crammed full of the usual suspects. The weird girl with the massive sun glasses on, the smelly drunk bloke, who is trying as hard as possible not to act drunk, as it’s only 11am, and the little old lady who won’t stop nattering to her friend, who looks like she’s either alseep, or dead!

We hid town running, as Magoo thinks we are going to be late, when in fact we have over half an hour. Off to bank, then to get felt tips, then cinema.

The cinema isn’t the biggest , or fanciest, but it’s our local one, and recently has had a pretty expensive facelift.

We are in screen one, the biggest, and have the nicest seats my arse has ever sat on.

Including us two, there are 10 more people.

It’s bliss, barely any noise apart from the movie, and the a/c is on, but super quiet…..!

The film was bloody awesome, and Magoo sat transfixed for the nearly two hour running time! I told you he was conditioned!

Film over with, we wander through town, seeing a few people that we know, and go to get pasties for dinner tonight, and something for thebeanspoonerswife’s lunch tomorrow, as she’s out on a job!

Off for the bus. We have a 20 minute wait, so Pokémon go it is. We get bored of that pretty quickly so sit people spotting, which we normally do. The bus home is full, mainly of the elderly, after a day’s wandering around one of the south west most ghostly towns!

As we hit our village,, we see one of our neighbours and stand and have a chat and a catch up. She’s been busy with various bits and bobs and her kids are also on half term.

As we get home, Magoo remembers we saw the postman this morning, who mentioned we would have a parcel later, and would leave it in our safe place. He runs down to the laundry room to find the parcel. It’s a build a bear version of the new toothless cuddly dragon, from how to train your dragon 3. I honestly thought his head was going to explode.

He opens it all carefully, comments on everything that’s different to the other one he has and he runs off to sit on the sofa with it, and watch some TV.

He has a hard life ay!

For dinner tonight we are having pasties. But to me honest, I bought myself a large pasty, and I think, like the boys the other day, my eyes were bigger then my belly, as I really struggled with it. I mean, I still ate it, bit struggled. Magoo struggled with his, so Bruce had a pasty treat, we he enjoys immensely! Thebeanspoonerswife didn’t do lunch today, so hers is gone in a shot.

Magoo then disappears after dinner to get changed for bed and he’s decided he’s sitting in his pit, sorry, bedroom, catching up on a cartoon he watches before he settles for bed.

When I go up to sort bits and bobs out and talk to thebeanspoonerswife, who is in the bath, he reminds me it’s half term from the prison, and can he have a later night tonight, as there’s a murder mystery programme on we watch, but normally the next day, at a more reasonable time.

I tell him he can, as we don’t have anything planned tomorrow, apart from seeing if the builder comes, and some school work.

I do remind him he needs to help me re arrange the lounge though, as we need to get back to some sort of normality!

So he agrees to help, only if he can stay up late, so a deal is made.

Thebeanspoonerswife is in Devon working tomorrow, so she has an early start, we on the other hand, do not!

We settle down to watch some TV and catch up on both of our days, before the scheduled programme starts.

Magoo really does have a thing about murder mysteries!

After deciding who was the murder, who was wrong, who was right, it’s time for bed

It’s a little bit later than normal for everyone, but I don’t think it hurts once in a while.

I sit and wonder how much sleep in going to get tonight, as the night before I got barely any, and struggled all day to function, let alone stay awake!

Then bed!

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