Day three of the Holiday.

The other day I published a post called ‘ the village parents’, mainly on purpose, but mainly to see what was going on with some statical data for my blog and it’s viewing figures.

There were maybe two paragraphs at most, of text. Mainly describing what I wanted from my little experiment, and at first glance, it had worked.

Well this morning, it had indeed worked!

I checked what I needed to, and apart from the other infamous day, I had good viewing and reading figures for the day, but mainly for that particular post.

Looks like some people still get triggered by certain words, phrases, and are very vain, still! Who would have thought?!

Today is mainly a relaxing day, as we have load on tomorrow, and we had crackers adventures yesterday! The builder is coming after lunch, so it may be the last day we see him till next week, and we have a house inspection as well. We have one every 3 months, from our letting agents, so our actual landlord knows the house isn’t a mess, or being used for purposes it shouldn’t be!

Today they will find a crazy tired kid, and a builder….so that should be fun.

Everyone up early, thebeanspoonerswife happily off to work, so we are showered, well Magoo had a bath and we have our own little jobs to do!

Breakfast first. That sorted and out of the way, our day, officially starts.

Magoo decides he off to play with some toys, while I catch up in some odd jobs that I didn’t get round to yesterday, and also the ones I had planned for today.

Did you read by post featuring man tasks. I managed to do one, as I stupidly changed the duvet cover on our bed. Bloody hell…..who needs the gym!

The builder, as always, is here exactly at the time he stated. We have a quick chat, moan about traffic wardens, as he’s been having a chat with a rather impolite one already today, and he starts doing whatever it is he is doing.


One of my pet hates. But it needs doing. Well, Magoos’s prison uniform needs doing, as he can’t go to school looking a mess, what would people say and think about us!

An hour of ironing done and I’m free. His stuff for prison is sorted for next week, his Orwellian-esq uniform, his exercise stuff, and his homework!

We are on fire.

Thebeanspoonerswife wife calls at lunch time fill me in on her day so far, and the fact she has to go and do a survey in Devon(!) on Friday. She needs to leave super early, and probably find her I.D and passport!

Lunch avoided as we had a late breakfast, Magoo asked for a few snacks and if he can use the Xbox to play a game for a while. I can’t see any reason why he can’t, as he’s been calm, helpful and a little star all day, so far.

The builder has finished all he can do today. He’s done some boxing in of block work from yesterday, more water proof coating done and some insulation added. He’s done until it is all glued, settled, and more importantly, dried! He’s done a pretty good job. We have a quick chat about what else needs doing and arrange a time Friday for him to pop back and do the next stage, which will mean only one more visit after, to do some painting and staining. Thank God!

Off he goes, and the ironing is away, Magoos’s wardrobe is all sorted and his room slightly tidier than it was when he woke up this morning.

I was considering re arranging the lounge again, but I think I’m going to need more than Magoos’s help, so decide to wait for thebeanspoonerswife to come home to have a chat with her about it.

So we are both in the kitchen, waiting for this visit. Magoo is busy colouring a Lego Ninjago picture in, in his activity book he got the other day (life saver), and I sat updating my blog and reading the news.

I was the estate agents were as punctual as the builder!

The lady from the estate agents finally arrived, a full 30 minutes later than expected. She came in, looked freaked out by Finn, who was sitting at the kitchen table reading, and then more freaked out by the in pleasant and shitty welcome from Bruce. He’s a pretty good judge of character, something he learnt from Marley, and it’s very clear from his behaviour, that he’s not overly keen on her. By the look on her face, the feeling is mutual. She explained she couldn’t stop, as she was parked on double yellows. She ran upstairs, said everything was fine, mentioned the house was a mess, which was too be expected due to the building works, said that was all, and off she went!


Now she’s gone we can settle inyo watching some TV before thebeanspoonerswife comes home.

I’m struggling to stay awake and it’s only 4pm!

She’s home.

Magoo springs into action, telling her what he’s done and mentioning about his amazing picture he has coloured.

Dinner is sorted out and eaten, and before we know it, we are all dressed in pyjamas and looking for a film to watch. We decide on Disney’s Coco. A film none of us has seen before… a good choice.

We all sit and get a bit emotional over the ending and realise we are all shattered. Magoo is ready for bed, albeit a little warm, as he’s been sitting with us, under a blanket!

Off to bed we all go….

Even Bruce is shattered as he’s asleep pretty quick and snoring on his cushion next to me, in the floor ……

What a life.

Tomorrow we are off to see The Lego Movie 2!

Everything is awesome……!

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