Today, Tuesday, doesn’t start like a typical one. It’s the second day of the half term holidays for Magoo, and his best friend was being dropped off for the day.

So, up super early so we can look like we have our shit together when he arrives, and the builder is coming early as well.

Thebeanspoonerswife wife is ready and out for work, but still a little worried about what her day can throw at her. She has two of her staff off this week, one as it’s half term, and the other as she’s on holiday, as in, out of the country on holiday!

Off she goes and we hold up in the kitchen, waiting for Magoo friend to arrive. Bruce loves sitting in the kitchen with the front door open, so he can sit in the front door opening, watching the world go by, like some higher power.

He best friend arrives, let’s call him Magoo2. They are very much alike, both boys, both a pair of shits, both horrendously funny, sarcastic, and very intelligent, so this is going to be fun.

Bruce dive bombs him, as he knows him, and he also smells of their dog!

So, breakfast sorted, we sit and chat and all catch up, the way they are chatting away, it’s feels and sounds like they’ve not seen each other for a lifetime (it’s only been a few days).

The builder is on his way, so we start to get ready for a day of doing god knows what.

We start to mess about and they then both decide to play on the Xbox. The poor builder arrives to start, and I have to apologise for these two, and he’s only just arrived! Bruce goes in the kill, sniffing and going nuts at him, and trying to lick every tool he had brought in.

Bloody dog, but saying that, he’s being well behaved through all of the disruption.

The cat, on the other hand is hiding upstairs, asleep on Magoos’s bed, so well hidden out of the way!

This day feels like it’s going to kill me.

So, two boys to keep amused, it’s raining and the builder is in the lounge, water sealing the wall, and rebuilding what he smashed to pieces yesterday, just better, alot better.

How can two boys eat so much foods and seriously make so much bloody noise. Compared to usual, they are being quiet as well!

Am I getting old, or was I that load and obnoxious!? I know I’m loud and obnoxious now, but is it something you learn, grow into, or is it there from a young age!?

Lunch, they’ve decided finally what they want, so as I’m their slave/waiter, it’s my responsibility to sort that out for them. Poor Bruce. He’s sitting with me in the kitchen, while he keeps my eye on lunch, looking like an over tired grandad at a crazy kids party!

Lunch sorted and eaten, Bruce had a boat lost of bits that were left over, as kids always have eyes bigger then their own bellies!

They really are being typical little boys today!

The builder has done a cracking job sorting the mess out. He’s sorted out the leak, sorted out the granite shelf, and at present, it’s all dry and the work is drying out.

He’s back tomorrow to do some finishing touches, until the granite work is 100% dry, then it’s going to be about a week before he comes back to finish the skirting and paint off. But it looks 1000 times better.

As soon as he leaves Magoo and Magoo 2 pounce on me. They want to go to the shops to buy some sweets. As the sucker that I am, off we go. A quick wander round to the shops, sweets and back, they then decide they want to go run riot on the beach.

Quick change into wellies and boots and off we go!

The tide is massively in, so the beach is really none existent. But, boys being boys, they run straight into the water, messing around, pushing and splashing each other. The water is freezing. Fucking freezing.

Before I know it, Magoo 2 is in to his knees, well over his wellies, and Magoo, my DNA is next to him. There’s a couple standing next to me, with their son, he’s a few years younger, wellies, a splash suit on, just jumping in and inch or two of sea water….they look a little shocked and alarmed, that I’m not bothered what the two kids I’m responsible for are doing.

They are boys, children, but most importantly, mindless idiots having the time of their lives!

Before I know it, they are running across the shore line, whispering something. I look on, as Magoo decides to crouch, sit even, on his knees….’oh Christ, my balls are freezing’ , are the next words out of his mouth!

They are drenched and have now decided they have had enough and want to go home and get warm and dry! Good job we only live 2 minutes away!

Home, dry, clean, dry and warm clothes on, they are back infront of the TV, under a blanket, playing a game on the Xbox, happy and content.

They pass the rest of the afternoon squabbling, playing and generally being themselves. Thebeanspoonerswife is home before I even realise what the time is. They both bombard her with what’s been going on, and I fill her in on the truth. She seems like she’s had a good, but hectic day. She also seems pleasantly surprised at the stage of the building work!

We drop Magoo 2 off at home and quickly go to the supermarket to get a few bits and bobs we need. We don’t get home till late, so dinner sorted and eaten, Magoo vanished upstairs as he’s shattered. He’s gone to watch some cartoon or other on his iPad and get ready for bed.

We settle with Bruce, who looks about as exhausted as I feel, from having two boys all day.

How do people manage with more than one child!? Do you just get used to it!?

We watch 30 mins of TV, while catching up and chatting away, and then settle for bed.

I’m exhausted!

Tomorrow, more building work, we have a house inspection for our Landlord, which should be fun, as it’s a shit tip, and we have school work to look at and complete!

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