The indoor water feature is no more.

Monday, first day of Magoos’s half term. The house looks like a hoarders wet dream, as there are boxes, book cases and the entertainment system all over the place. The TV is on the kitchen table for fucks sake.

All this is in preparation for the builder who is hopefully coming to sort it all out.

Thebeanspoonerswife is up and ready for work, leaving me and Magoo, along with Bruce and Hobbes, home alone and in charge of the house for the day.

I had the worst nights sleep last night, I think maybe 4-5 hours tops, as I just couldn’t settle, and by the looks of it, neither could thebeanspoonerswife.

Magoo has decided he’s having a lazy day today, as we have no idea what the building work is going to turn up for us. So we are up and dressed, waiting for the builder.

True to his word, he is here, bang on 9am. That’s a good sign to start with.

He comes in and we discuss what’s been happening since his initial visit and he notices it’s just got 10 times worse. He plays with Bruce for a bit and then vanishes, to park his van safely (as out local traffic warden is a cock), and to unload his tools for today’s job.

He vanishes for about 2 hours!

Turns out his also gone to get some other bits and bobs to finish this job off, and some massive power tools!

On he cracks

Bruce and I vanish upstairs to find Magoo, sitting on our bed, waiting for me to play Monopoly on his computer.

The noise, oh my god the noise….it’s going through my spine and making my eyes vibrate.

Also, this fucking game of Monopoly seems to be never ending.

I pop downstairs to see how it’s going, only to find a shocked looking builder. On removal of part of our granite shelving, think a 18 inch shelf, made from granite, floor level up, infront of the wall, there’s water everywhere. He admits he has no clue where it’s coming from, it’s pouring in.

We both decide it’s not a burst main pipe or pipe of any description, but where is it coming from.

On he goes, drilling away.

Again I vanish upstairs and wonder where the cat has gone as he’s not in his usual hiding places.

The builder calls up the stairs to tell me he’s found the source of our water feature. Let’s just say it shocked us both, I think him more than me. It’s way too hard to explain without drawing what and where it was. Let’s just say it’s an ancient problem, that’s been covered up by newer building work.

But I’m glad we know what it is. At last.

He seems more relieved than me.

Thebeanspoonerswife calls at lunch to check on us and how the building work is going. I explain to her as best I can and we both say we are relieved to know what it finally is.

Magoo and I eat lunch and I start to prepare the evenings dinner….slow cooked pork and peppers in a sticky sauce.

Lunch eaten, dinner slowly cooking away, we vanish upstairs again. Magoo found a brand new box of Lego the other day, a forgotten birthday present we think, and had decided yesterday he wanted to make it today. It’s pretty technical stuff, a box you can make three different things from. A plane, a robot or a parrot. He settles on the parrot while I get to work updating my blog, and systematically pissing the usual people off.

After a few hours I wander downstairs with Bruce to find the builder has completely removed the brick work, tidied up and is preparing to leave. He explains he needs to let it dry out before he can do the rest of the job, so he will be back early in the morning.

That’s fine by me, and everyone else in the house I think!

We speak about what’s been done, and what needs to be done. He’s trying to fit us in around other jobs, so it will be completed by the end of the week, we both think!

Off he goes.

And down we come.

Magoo helps me tidy what little mess has been left, and we go about setting the TV up on a makeshift stand, so we can at least watch some TV and use the Xbox later, if needs be!

He’s pretty helpful when he wants to be.

Before I know it thebeanspoonerswife is home. She’s had a good day at work which is always a bonus!

Dinner is served, eaten and enjoyed!

Magoo vanished upstairs as he’s tired. It’s normally the way, the less you do, the more tired you are. Thebeanspoonerswife goes for a bath and I sit and watch a little bit of TV and update more of my blog.

Boring really, everyone is knackered and ready for bed.

I’m just wondering what joys are abound for tomorrow, the builder, the building work and Magoo and myself.

His best friend is coming round for the day tomorrow, so I have double the trouble to look after!

Wish me luck!

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