A forgotten post.

I sometimes write drafts before I actually finally post anything.

Take the ‘helicopter parent’s discuss’ post.

The original edit took me a few days to compose, and this new, undeleted, un liable post took the best part of two days, as I was writing bits at a time, around doing other things, and trying not to mentio anyone’s name or anyone’s description, so the faint of heart could take offence or think it was about them.

Who said men can’t multi-task!

So I normally write the heading for a new post, a few lines, and then save it to draft status, while I work on other stuff.

After the entire Valentine’s day censorship for the Orwellian-esq prison, I wrote a boat loads of blog post headings, but no opening lines.

My memory is so shit.

‘The blue light incident’ was written, and then forgotten about.

Even now, while writing this post, about forgotten posts, I can’t for the life of me think what it’s about.

Some of my ideas for posts come from day to day descriptions of what goes on, others are opinions, which are purely my own, and other posts are of past experiences or situations I or we have found or been in.

But this post title, I have no idea what it was about, or what I was going to write.

Don’t you just hate that…..the fact that you think of something and in my case, instantly fucking forget it!

Ahhhh, it’s niggling me to death!

I’ll leave the post in my draft file and hopefully, it may come back to me.

But I very much doubt it will!

Again, bastards!

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