Telling Magoo Sheldon is gay!

We like to watch the Big Bang theory in our house. All three of us. We don’t personally think it is harmful or too old for Magoo in any way.

But, we happened to mention that the character, Sheldon, in real life is gay. We are not homophobic in any way. We were talking about it being odd his character in the show, Sheldon, is now married, and to a woman, and if he finds it’s odd, or not, as he’s married in real life, to a man,

It was a question, pondered, and asked between two adults. Two very non homophobic adults, who just happened to have a 7 year old near by.

Magoo’s reaction was priceless. He still does that chuckle, snigger, when semi rude words are used, like boobs, bum, bottom, willie and kissing. I think all kids do, don’t they, until a certain age? Anyways, he wondered over raised eyebrows that two men would kiss. We told him yes, two men can kiss, the same as two women, and a woman and a man. They don’t need anyone’s permission, and it’s ok if they do.

He still had raised eyebrows, trying to comprehend not what we had told him, but the actor playing Sheldon, was married to a man. In fact he found it hysterical.

Not in the evil hysterical way. But in the, yeah, right dad, stop talking shit, hysterical way. We explained that in fact he was married, not to the woman on TV (she’s married to a man and has 4 kids, something else that led his mind, oh, and she’s a doctor in real life), but to a real life man.

He asked how come. We told him, we would assume, like anyone who commits to getting married, that they loved each other.

We gave him a few examples of people we know, that he knows and mentioned that they were married to people of the same sex.

I honestly thought his little head was going to explode. But they seem happy, was his reply.

Now, in prison, he learns a lot about religion. So we all know, sometimes, not all of the time, how single minded people can get. Fortunately for us, he isn’t a sheep.

We explained that marriage is a big thing. You commit to another person, whether it be a man or a woman, for the rest of your life. You need to be loved, to love that person and ultimately be happy.

Backwards and forwards the conversation went. He mentioned the people we had mentioned to him, he mentioned that thebeanspoonerswife and I have been together for over 20 years, and how committed, happy and loved we both are.

Getting married is a choice. A personal one.

And you know what…

He smiled, he seemed to know that everything was ok, that he grasped it all.

It might sound silly to have such a conversation with a 7 year old, but if you have ever met our 7 year old, you would understand why he can handle it!

We also think it’s beyond important he doesn’t judge a single person for anything they believe in, or their personal choices in life. He may be only 7, but he’s a smart 7!

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