Skyping the older generation.

We Skype my parents at least once a week.

So, Magoo likes to Skype nanny and grandad, and they like to Skype him in return.

The live about 350 miles away, and get down here when they can, and we get up there when we can. But it’s not very often.

We all work.

So jiggling and arranging times is a nightmare. They have a very active social life, and their two younger children (my half sibling are nearly 20 years younger than me), keep them busy, with holidays, social gathering and what not.

They have recently taken up ball room dancing, something they seem to be enjoying, my step mom, more than my dad.

Anyways. Back to skyping.

We normally arrange a time, at the end of our last video call, for our next conversation.

Many times it has changed due to work, social things, or god knows what.

We all enjoy it, we all get in on it.

It’s just a ball ache sometimes.

Modern technology is a fucking nightmare.

It’s freezes our end, it freezes their end, theres no sound, theres no picture. Then there’s the inevitable running out of conversations!

Magoo normally tells them both about what he’s been getting up to at prison, as they both take a really active interest in his prison life, which is good.

Grandad pulls the silly faces and nanny gives the smiles and sorts grandad out when he gets a bit too stupid.

It’s hard sometimes living so far away from family. Magoo is only one of handful of kids at the prison, whose grandparents don’t live on the door steps and play a very active part of their lives. Magoos’s grandparents do, just from a distance!

But technology is great, when it works!

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