Saturday and the smell.

Where can I start. Christ.

Thebeanspoonerswife dropped some chemicals on herself at work yesterday.

None harmful chemicals, something to do with a mounting solution, for slides under a microscope….I get lost and bored very quickly and easily.

Anyways. She came home Friday night looking like she was going to murder someone and smelling like the chemical plant that Jack Napier fell into, you know the one, out of the start of the first Batman film before he becomes the joker.

Yeah, she smelt like that looked.

Fucking hell.

Anyway, Saturday morning the smell was still there, the clothes she had worn were in the washing machine on a burn cycle, but still.

She smelt ok. It was the rest of the downstairs of the house that smelt like a manic shit tip!

The decision was quickly made to bin the clothing. Good idea.

The smell started to fade slowly.

Now, I have to point out, weekends we don’t do much, as we just don’t. Its the end of the week, and this was also the start of Magoos’s half term holiday.

So we got up alot later than normal.

Breakfast eaten, and showers and baths done with, we set about trying not to kill each other. You know the drill, admit it. You miss your loved ones all week, then after an hour of everyone altogether, you’ve had enough and wish they would all bugger off!

I’m just honest enough to admit thats how I feel sometimes!

We didn’t need any food shopping and we had nothing planned, until we remembered we needs a few essentials.

So those gotten and out of the way, we headed back home.

Thebeanspoonerswife wife wasn’t feeling too well, a bit of a mixture of the chemical smell, an upset stomach and a fucking bad migraine.

So she had bought some sort of meds while out and about. That taken, she seemed to settle a bit.

We had decided in the afternoon what to have for the night’s dinner, so that was simmering away. We normally watch a film as a family, and today we had decided to expose Magoo to the wonder of Ratatouille. He was skeptical at first. It had been on for about 20 mins, when he decides and proclaims he wants to go for a walk around the village. This is something we do alot. Just get out and about for half an hour of an evening. Clear the air so to speak

So, shoes back on, we all pile out of the house and have a hap-hazard wander around our village. There’s quite alot of people about for this time of year, but then again, it is the first Saturday of the kids half term!

Home, dinner eaten and then back to the film…. pyjamas first though!

The film. Magoo, even though only 7, sometimes feels like a film critic, like living with Barry Norman. He has a very select taste in films. Our combined fault.

But Ratatouille, he loved it. He was giggling away all the way through it! Disney films aren’t a family favourite, but some, not the all singing, dancing ones, we do all enjoy!

It was getting late and we knew that tomorrow we needed to sort the lounge and the rest of the downstairs out, for the builder on Monday, and the tip he was going to turn it into.

Magoo was feeling all snotty so decided he wanted to go to bed and settle, so we decided to start to settle too.

It was a little early for me, but we decided to watch some TV in bed again, before we both passed out.

We watched a few more episodes of the Umbrella academy. It’s worth a watch!

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