Taking the rest of the day off.

The morning went entirely like every other normal Friday morning. All up and showered, thebeanspoonerswife off to work, Magoo off to prison, albeit dressed like a crazy shark for pj day!

Then shock horror.

The builder called about the leak! Seriously.

Well he text me, to let me know it was going to be a full day’s worth of knocking ten bells of shit out of out one granite wall, and built in shelves, to find out what was actually going on. Then two further half days(?) And then another full day’s work and it should be sorted. Should is underlined as I will honestly believe it when I see it.

After arranging what days are what, and times, my first thought was, oh fucking hell, the lounge is going to be a shit tip all over half term. But it needs to be done and I’m shocked it’s getting done so quickly! Hopefully the electrics will be back in soon àa, if it all goes to plan.

The rest of my afternoon was wasted messing around, sorting dinner out, laundry , re editing my blog, replying to emails and watching TV.

Bruce was in an odd mood, as I think he was tired and cranky, and it was asking cold, and as he’s getting a little older, he’s feeling it more and more under those two fluffy layers of fur he has.

I was sitting on the sofa, mentally preparing for having to rip the lounge apart over the weekend, and trying my hardest to work out, where the hell everything was going to go.

Our house isn’t huge. It’s big enough for us, but is lacking in storage space, or as we like to call them, places to hide any bit of shit we aren’t using right now.

So, the challenge in my head, was to work out where books, dvds, videogames and toys were going to go?! Where a boat load of books would go is anyone’s idea. Oh, also a small book case, full of books and nik nacs, a precious lamp, no, 2 precious lamps and wires …..oh the wires.

Or entertainment system is set up in the opposite side of the room to where everything feeds into the house.

This meaning we have various colours and lengths of connecting wires, usb leads, ether net and connecting cables, all tidied away and hidden out of sight across the lounge.

Bloody hell!

But at least it will give us a chance to re arrange, tidy and sort everything else.

I wasn’t 100% comfy with the set up, so maybe it’s a blessing in disguise….remember that, when on Monday the builder turns part of our lounge into a building site!

Then there’s the entertainment system itself to move. 5 interlocking cuboid towers….jesus……we need an extra room…and then the TV!

The house is going to look like a hoarders wet dream!

But it needs doing, as having a water feature in the corner of room, not too far from an main electrical socket is a fucking risk. So a few days, to a week of mess can be dealt with.

Then it hits me. Not only is it half term, Magoo is around all week. He will probably find it interesting for the first 30 seconds, then moan the entire time it’s all happening.

Well at least we have an upstairs he can go and hide in. I think we will both be stashed away up there. Maybe with the cat, or knowing Hobbes, he will vanish. Then there’s Bruce. He hates noise of any kind. It startles him and he gets unsettled, so I’m assuming Bruce will be coming upstairs with us as well!

Thebeanspoonerswife is shocked when I tell her it happened, but also pleased, as I think she’s got beyond pissed off with it all happening and just wanted the lounge in our house back to normal.

She’s not had a great day at work as she’s had alot on, a few of the staff are off on annular leave, and she dropped a bottle of chemicals into her lap, drenching herself in the stuff!

She gets Magoo from prison and they both arrive home safely. He’s super excited as he knows that was the last day for a week, she, on the other hand is fucked off royally.

There comes a point for any couple, when one of the pair realise how to read the other.

Without even saying a word, I know better not to push her about her day too much, as the look on her face said it all.

Magoo ran upstairs to get changed into some other pjs, while thebeanspoonerswife wife stripped off and got in the shower.

She was in there for a lifetime, scrubbing every part of her to try and rid the chemical smell! We sorted Magoos’s prison stuff out and stashed his bag and bits and bobs away for the week.

After we all settled, dinner was sorted and we sat and watched a murder mystery programme, that we all watch. Magoo has a keen eye for spotting who committed the crimes or murders! God help us!

He decided not long after, it was his bed time as he was shattered from his day’s events and we made our way up, not too long after him!

We sat in bed and watched ‘the umbrella company’, a new show on Netflix. The first episode looks promising.

I wonder what the week and half term brings us!?

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