Oh Indy.

I’m not one for sport. I never have been. I don’t mind Rugby, the cycling, or even the Olympics, and I’m pretty partial to skiing and snow boarding, even watching Ski Sunday when I can catch it, but I’ve never been one for things like football.

When I first started going out with thebeanspoonerswife, many, many years ago, she was mad about Formula one. You know, watching cars for nearly two hours, go whizzing by. At the time, I couldn’t have thought of anything more boring.

Over time I realised it was pretty interesting. Over 20 years later and I’m a massive fan, and by massive, we follow it all season, watch every single race and read all the news reports!

We each have our vices.

The new season starts again soon. I can’t wait, checking the news or seeing it pop up, revealing the new team drivers (2 drivers, and a test/reserve driver), in some cases new team names, and especially the models of the car, but more importantly the paint job of the car and the drivers helmet. It’s important to know these last two, so you know who to scream and shout at on the TV when it’s on!

So I can’t wait.

I’m sure there will be a few posts about drivers, the races, the cheating and especially the crashes and after race interviews, which in some cases are the best bit!

So read on, if not, skip over them. I will try to keep them out of my main posts, for sanity reasons!

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