Yesterday, Thursday the 14th, was an odd day for me.

Nothing to do with Valentine’s day.

I need to point this out, if you’ve been following the blog for a while, some of my previous posts have been edited, reshuffled and censored. Some may even be out of order I wrote them in, with the wrong dates. I’ve had to delete, bin, trash and re load them all in the order they were written, fuck the dates, as long as they came back out of the bin and got uploaded again!

Is censorship a good thing!?

So back to normal, or as normal as normal can be!

I felt that after Valentine’s day yesterday, which went really well, if you’re wondering, that I need to go full on with this blog.

I was shocked, annoyed and so pissed off about the censorship, that I did consider shutting it down. But I went the other route.

I found an amazing little widget that will help me. My posts on here are viewed either by you finding this blog from a search engine, or a post on either my private Instagram feed, my private Twitter feed, or my private Facebook page.

Notice the word private.

I know information is out in world via the internet, but still. If you come to this blog via a post on my private pages, and you are not a follower or ‘friend’, access will be denied, your name will be logged and I get a notification of who has been having a poke around. I also get a notification of anyone who wants to follow this blog, before you can view any posts, so it’s purely up to me who sees what, from now on. Also, it’s purely legal.

So hopefully that will end all the bullshit censorship and Orwellian behaviour that some people think is ok to force on others.

So enough of yesterday’s total bullshit.

Valentine’s Day went well!

We also had parents evening at the prison.

Magoo is doing really well with his work. He’s not struggling in any areas, just his volume control of his voice. He’s always struggled with this, so it’s a slow work in progress, bit it is progressing!

So he was very pleased with himself for having a good parents evening, and we were two very proud parents!

When we finally got home, we all had random things to do and get ready for the next day.

Magoo has a pyjama day at the prison tomorrow, and he is going in one of his favourite onesies. It’s a shark onesie, that has a mouth and teeth around the hood, and says ‘jawesome’ instead of awesome in big white letters across the chest!

So he can’t wait to wear it!


Dinner cooked and eaten, we all settled down for the evening.

So apart from the 1984 episode, the day went pretty well!

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