Dilemma, panic, decisions……

Evening, all has gone to shit.

Everything I’ve written for the past few weeks had gone….fucked over due to not playing ‘the game’.

So it’s all in the trash, binned.

I have a choice, carry on, or be a puppet. I thought a good night’s sleep would help me sort my head out and decide what to do.

After the day had unfolded, we went to bed.

Thebeanspoonerswife reads before she sleeps, I normally wander around on the internet, watch random crap on YouTube and normally, end up watching something on Netflix, as you do.

Google is one of my favourite tools. From checking on the weather, spying on people, to finding out who that woman was, in that programme we watched a few years ago, to everything.

I was intrigued to find out if there was a way for me to salvage some of my blog. I didn’t realise at the time of deleting bits and bobs, that they were not actually deleted, just hiding, off the internet, out of prying eyes, in the bin. I could, salvage them!

So, I work out how to get into the guts of wordpress, and after a few key word Google searches, bingo. There they are, all my offensive, not politically correct un Orwellian blog posts …..take that fuckers.

It’s now the morning after the night before.

I have indeed decided to stick it to ‘man’ or as one follower said, ‘the authority’.

After saying good bye to thebeanspooners wife and Magoo, I’m left in with Bruce.

I’m up, awake. Showered, the usual done, and back downstairs to tidy the kitchen and do laundry. The heap has vanished, but still, it never ends. Last night’s pots and pans tidied away, I settle down to sort this wannabe catastrophe out.

Laptop, iPad and phone all at the ready, all doing different things and a trusty notepad and pencil ( plus rubber as I know I’m going to fuck something up).

Firstly to tighten up who sees what and from where, what source and a few other bits and bobs, aided by an awesome little widget I found online.

The address has been slightly changed, so unless you know it, or follow a Facebook link, the only other way is through searching the internet, but like I said, Google is a great tool, so safety measures have been taken. It’s basically like Forte Knoxx. You view it, I know who, what, where, when, how.

So try that one censorship people.

So, after realising I can get my work back, I painstaking go about editing, cutting, and re shuffling each prior post. Re naming a few, re dating them all, to fit, hopefully in chronological order and then reposting them.

It took a lifetime, but they are there. Some may be in the wrong place, with the wrong date on most of them, but they are there.

One post is missing.

It hasn’t been deleted. In its original form this post took me the best part of the day to write it, shape it, and get it that way I wanted it to be.

So this, I’m afraid, will have to have the full works on it, before it’s posted again, but don’t worry, it will get posted again!

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