Valentine’s Day! Part two

Valentine’s Day, bang, it’s here. Soon it will be Easter. In all honesty, I’d rather have a bar of chocolate than an egg.

But back to Valentine’s Day.

While thebeanspoonerswife was in the shower, Magoo and I got her cards and presents out of our secret hiding place. He had written the cards out the night before I’m his neatest handwriting.

Mine at the age of 7 looked like a one armed blind chimp had done it, his is considerably better, something he gets from his mother’s side!

So out of the shower she comes and he springs into action.

He really is a happy little man.

We don’t go into the entire valentine’s Day thing, as we never have. but Magoo likes any celebration, and especially one where he gets to choose the card and gifts.

Gifts, cards and crying. Once it’s all over, breakfast is eaten and out of the house they both fly, one for work, and one for school, sorry prison (not allowed to mention the s word anymore, as the thought police might have a go).

So left to my own devices all day.

I have a blog to write.

Well I did.

I’m now re-editing half of it, taking out important bits and adding bits that I first thought were pointless and boring.

Just in case 1984 happens again, or carries on as it is.

We had parents evening tonight at the prison.

All I suppose I can say is Magoo, is without doubt, hands down, fucking excellent!

He does need to work on his indoor voice though, as by the sounds of it, he likes to use his outdoor voice all of the time.

I’ll keep you all updated as my mundane, policed life goes on.

It’s half term next week.

Should be fun, just Magoo and I, as thebeanspooners wife is at work. I wonder if anyone else is going to complain about what I write now!? Surely not.

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