Is hell opening up!?

Is it!?

Is hell opening up, and I never saw the Facebook ,Twitter or Instagram post and feed!? Or saw it on the news!?


Thursday, valentine’s day. Magoo and I had it all planned.

While thebeanspoonerswife was in the shower he finally got out of his pit, and got the secret valentine’s day gifts, out of the secret hiding place we use. By the time thebeanspoonerswife was out of the shower we were waiting and ready to attack!

Cards opened, a few years shed, chocolate looked at and smelt, and the front cover of her new book looked at, it was time for Magoos to have a shower.

I normally stay totally out of the way in the morning, or sometimes fall back asleep.

The previous nights sleep had been a good one, albeit short. I think I slept from about midnight till about 4.30am. Thebeanspoonerswife said I must have sleep deeply as I was snoring my head off. Yep. Sounds about right.

So plans made for later in the day, as it’s parents evening at school day, good byes made, and off they both went. I will be honest.

I fell back asleep. Not for long tho, as the home phone was ringing away, this startled and woke me as it never rings. We have one of those landlines that gets used once in a while. It’s there as we have to have it as part of our broadband package. It rings, I think, when someone is desperate to get hold of you, or has died. It’s too early for someone to be dying.

I ignore it. I get up and check my mobile, it’s a missed call from school.

Fuck it! I check the answerphone on the landline and it is indeed school.


Turns out in all the rush this morning, thebeanspoonerswife, not only forgot to get her lunch out of the fridge, but also Magoos’s.

The school secretary was just calling to say he’d forgotten his packed lunch, and they were giving him a school dinner, and it was roast today, was that ok.


So I let thebeanspoonerswife know we are a pair of fuckups and adults. She gets upset, but I tell her there’s nothing we can do and school will look after him….hopefully.

I know the school cook on a personal level, so sent he a quick message filling her in, and asking her to keep her eye on him at lunch time. She said she would. She’s a good one!

Oh, the leak …it’s not too bad now. Still leaking mind, but as we’ve had an odd, but welcoming week so far if sunshine, and no.rain, it’s dried up a bit, so only a little leak now, compared to the bloody hoover damn before!

I decided I better cut my hair, as I’m starting to look and feel a bit like a hippy.

I’m bald. But I have that strip of hair around the back, like all balding men seem too. I just think it looks vile, so for forever, I’ve been shaving my head. Not clipper shaving, razor blade shaving.

I’ve been doing it for 20 odd years, as I’ve been bald that long, but still, today including I managed to slice just above my ear, wide open.

Have you even done that!? It bleeds, everywhere. The right said of my face looked like a slaughter houses floor on delivery day…!

So with that out of the way, showered, dressed and the usual, I check the news and updates my blog for yesterday.

As it’s valentine’s day, I’d like you to understand we never go in for all the commercial bullshit. When we we first started dating over 20 years ago, I bought thebeanspoonerswife some sexy underwear, and a gorgeous purple stoned ring. The underwear is no more, but the ring, it’s her most treasured possession and still worn everyday.

The ring wasn’t that expensive. But she was my real first proper girlfriend, and I went to this awesome little jewelry shop in Birmingham, called Piccadilly Circus. It was an old style jewelry and antique shop. The kind where you had to press a buzzer, for the little old door man to come and let you in.

But the ring has survived and still cared for and worn with love. That’s what matters.

Most couples do the roses, chocs, dinner etc. We don’t. We’ve never personally celebrated with going for meals, as it’s a waste of money (not right, just smart), and flowers, well thebeanspoonerswife like Lillie’s, and white roses. But again, it’s not something we do.

So normally nothing, but this year we did cards (at Magoos’s request) and some practical, yet thoughtful gifts.

I get a text at lunch from the school cook saying she’s had to leave school early as her own child (she attends a different school) is sick, but Magoo was upset and angry at lunch.

Sounds daft, but he gets angry with himself for being upset and gets upset for being angry. The muddled mind and brain if a smart thinking 7 year old.

I can imagine the anger and upsetness is over lunch, as I’ve said, he’s not keen on roast dinners. She said just before she left she managed a smile from and he seemed a little calmer with himself. Good good.

Thebeanspoonerswife called at lunch. It’s awesome talking to her as I miss her terribly, but I sometimes think she calls to check on me, both for my safety and my mentally.

We discuss her morning so far, her work load, the lack of help from the one co worker who thinks she’s better then everyone else, and I mention about the tears and tantrums at school. We both know how to handle it, he’s 7….we’ve had 7 years of practice. But we both decide, he is in schools care, so care for him they should and shall!

I had beans on toast for lunch. We have a new toaster and I’m not keen on it. After cooking time toast I realised it still looked like a piece of bread, so popped it in for another go. Yeah, maybe I should keep my eye on stuff. It looks like a piece of molten lava…..fucking thing. I don’t normally eat in the middle of the day, but hey ho , you live and learn, and at 39, I still can’t work the toaster. I personally blame thebeanspoonerswife as she likes barely cooked toast (with marmite, I might add), so she needs to sort that out….ergh.

Bruce and I have an unwritten, unspoken rule. If I’m sitting on the sofa, I have to get comfy, then he has to look at me and telepathically make me feel guilty for him not being on the sofa. This results with me asking him, I mean it, asking him if he wants to get on the sofa, he then goes nuts and I help him on. Both comfy, both at either end!

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