Father in law.

This post was written before the Valentine’s day one, but needed some editing so the thought police didn’t fucking moan at me.

Saturday is the father in law’s birthday.

After Magoo was collected from prison (school), we needed to go and find something to send via post for the father in law’s birthday. Magoo asked us exactly how old grandad was.

He’s 74. Now a man at the age of 74 doesn’t want or need much, as to be honest, he already has everything he has ever wanted.

My father in law lives alone, in the area we both grew up in, near our secondary school. He’s pretty much self contained. He potters, he no longer drives and he goes literally everywhere on public transport.

So I don’t have a fucking clue what we can get him. We usually go the root of a new shirt, or some trousers, shoes, slippers, the usual dad gifts.

But he has it all, and normally moans when we buy it him again (he has two other kids who both have two kids of their own and we all think the same), so we normally find something quirky or daft.

Magoo and I are on card finding duty. We all, including Magoo, have a very odd, warped and sick sense of humour. So card shopping is always an effort as we normally find cards people wouldn’t give to each other, to give to each other!

Gifts chosen, a nice man set, of smelliest and grooming bits and bobs and some of his favourite coconut biscuits things. Remember, it has to be able to go in the post without being destroyed!

I’m assumimg I will be the one posting it!?

We see one of Magoos’s old nursery friends, see, nursery, I can talk about that….as it’s not prison.

We haven’t seen him or his mom for a while as he goes to a different school (prison) to the one Magoo goes too.

We stop and briefly catch up while both boys pull faces and whitter on.

Shopping bought, bags packed and then home.

We had a pretty boring night.

Magoo needed his prison book reading, so with that done, and dinner sorted, we settled down for the night.

Then bed!

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