Are you there god?! It’s me…..

So, as I’m not allowed to talk or write about most things that Magoo gets up to, as some people complained at the prison, I’m going to try and write about topics he discusses with us and my day to day stuff.

We had a discussion recently about being a Christian.

Sore subject, but I will always listen to him, as I have to, he’s my son, I’m his dad, I don’t really get a choice

So, we mentioned in a round about way that he isn’t christened. Thebeanspoonerswife is Catholic and I’m Roman Catholic. Neither of us believe in anything, or practice. Thebeanspoonerswife is an atheist by choice, I on the other hand, since the age of 10/11, have identified as a fascist anarchist.

Magoo would like to believe he is religious

Religion plays a big part in prison life and the villages and towns down here, in this rural part of the world. I will, never, ever judge anyone for their beliefs, as they are their beliefs, not mine.

But….Magoo has only learnt about a select few of the religions, I think, but I am not sure, not all of them, just the major few (you know the ones, but as I’m vetoed from mentioning anything, that’s all I can add), so thinks he’s one of them.

Cue tears and tantrums from the 7 year old version of Jack Dee. Turns out he wants to be a Christian, and to get into heaven you need to have been christened.

Well, he’s shit out of luck!

About 30 minutes later, after unbrainwashing him, he’s finally settled down.

We have told him, he is too young to decide what religion he is, as we have never forced anything on him. He needs to make his own mind up, but when he has learnt more, whether from his prison regime, or his own readings.

I knew at that 10/11 age, that I wanted to be, and always will be that fascist anarchist. And I am.

So he was settled. Still a little confused, but settled. Fucking hell, had he been brainwashed!?

I’m not adverse to church, but I always feel out of place, like my soul is about to burst into flames and the robot devil is going to bust a tune on the organ!

Churches are not my thing (we do actually live next door to a Sunday school, with a church next to that).

So that people, is the religious views of a confused, and doomed 7 year old!

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