1984 is 2019

So, you may have noticed that some of my blog posts have vanished.

I could tell you why, but then again, I’d have to check with the powers that be. Which aren’t as I found out today, the freedom of speech police, as today it felt like 1984!

A totalitarian regime, Trumps America, Stalin’s Russia, the list is endless.

Today, it felt like I was in the middle of it all.

Ok, maybe not the middle, maybe a few more rows back then that, I’m not that important, but some people think they are in the VIP access area!

Maybe nooses instead of backstage passes!?

So I’ve been asked, no, it was demanded, that some of my posts didn’t please certain people, and could I take them down, as it would not help my child in his education.

I honestly don’t like idle, silly and pathetic threats being made to myself, let alone my son.

Magoo is safe. He always will be. He’s alot smarted then that, and he has us both as parents.

But it seems I’m not ‘allowed’ to write about certain things, as some people don’t like it.

But then Magoo was mentioned.

So as a parent, a life long fascist anarchist, I hate being told what to do, by people who I neither care about, or respect.

But it’s Magoo.

So those posts have gone.

If anyone is reading this that decided to report me to the powers that be, no names have been mentioned, so read into it what you will, fl be vain,feel free to pass it on, show who you want, and let everyone know what a stellar job you’ve done.

Remember, it’s all for the ‘greater good’.

The facts hurt sometimes though, don’t they.

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