Disaster strikes, tears appear, it’s the end of the world.


Tuesday will go down in fucking history.

Magoo asked me before school if I would pick him up 3.15, as he didn’t, for some reason, want to stay for after school activities like normal, and be collected by thebeanspoonerswife.

In all honesty, it’s a bit of an effort to collect him, as I don’t drive. So it means two buses there, and two buses back, but it’s Magoo.

As the dreaded spelling test was today, he did a quick re check of his spellings and all seemed good.

Off they both left for their days, one to school, one to work.

I spent most of my morning pottering, tidying, doing more washing and laundry (it feels like it never ends).

And trying to stay awake, as I had the most shitty nights sleep the night before.

Bruce isn’t a bad conversationalist, but he’s not the best. Then disaster, I heard a noise I hate, and also fear. Hobbes (the cat) was trying to empty his stomach in the only way a cat knows, by being sick. You know the stomach churning noise of a cat, trying their hardest to hock up something. For fucks sake!

So there he was, on the cushion of the arm chair, puking his ring up. Sometimes, no, most of the time, I hate this fucking cat! Bruce, never batted an eye lid. He just sat there, looking at me, looking at the cat sick!

After cleaning it up and feeling like I needed to bleach not just my eyes, nose, but my skin as well, I settled in the kitchen to update my blog. I sit at the kitchen table, as it’s a table, and has a pretty decent view of the harbour, but especially the sea, where we live.

Then it’s time to leave.

School kicking out time is 3.15. So due to the fact I need to be a bus wanker this afternoon, I need to leave just before 2 to go 8 miles ,over two buses….so a grand total of 75 mins, to do a 10 minutes car journey, but again, it’s for Magoo.

The bus out of our small village is fine, it’s the one from our nearest town, to Magoo’s school which is odd. It’s always full of weird and wonderful people, as its final destination is Landsend, so it’s full of tourists, but thankfully, not this time of year.

I arrive at school just as it’s kicking out time.

So as I walk across the playground , I speak to a few of the kids who I know, and a few of the teachers.

On arrival at the hall, I’m greeted by one of Magoos’s little friends. She points out to me he only got 9/10 on his spellings.


Him getting one wrong doesn’t bother me at all, but I know it’s going to bother HIM, and he’s going to be heart broken, as he was going for the elusive 500.

Turns out he spelt always wrong, he forgot the l. He’s super upset, broken and I can tell it’s bothering him and he’s been crying.


So as we leave , I tell him to go run some energy off in the playground and play apparatus. We have about 45 mins to wait for the bus.

So as we leave and walk across the playground, I see a few kids who want to talk and a few parents I know.

We always, when getting the bus, go to the local shop for some sweets. It’s not often I collect him, so I reckon a treat is in order, especially after the afternoon he’s had, by the looks of it.

Now the local school shop. They sell everything.

In and out we go, pretty quick.

We sit by the church, on a bench waiting for the bus. Magoo tells me about his day, and starts to get upset about this spelling mistake.

I tell him it doesn’t matter. We all get things wrong, and we all only learn from our mistakes. I point out, even at my advanced age, I still spell things wrong, and have to double check sometimes. He seems to cheer up when I tell him it’s ok.

He seems to think he has let not just us, but himself and everyone else down. Like I said, he’s a proud little 7 year old.

I push him a little about why he’s so upset.

Turns out, when they were given their results back at school, he got very upset with himself, for only getting 9/10.

He told me this made him angry, mad, and even more upset, which led to a little more than needed crying.


Magoo was all sorted after breaking his heart.

I text my dad to mention it to him, as he takes a pretty active interest in Magoos’s schooling. I explained what went on. His reply, tell him not to worry, nanny and grandad still love him.

Ah, the supportive words of an elder!

So the next bus arrives!

On we get, on the top deck and hit the school books.

So story book completed, we start putting the world to rights, as per normal. He does enjoy a bus ride, but not on hot days, as I think he gets a bit warm, sort of like a dog in a car, without the open window!

As we arrive to get the next bus, he decides he wants to play with my phone, as there are games on there.

After that, I call thebeanspoonerswife wife and fill her in.


So, next bus ride over with, we arrive into our village and homeward bound. It’s only a quick 5 mins walk home.

Literally we get through the door, he’s run upstairs and is shouting he’s getting changed into his pjs! It’s only 5pm, what a life!

So as thebeanspoonerswife wife arrives home and dinner is being served and then eaten, we discuss what’s gone on today.

We tell Magoo, being right, isn’t always right. We learn from getting things wrong, and to just continue trying his hardest at everything he does, as that’s all we ask. We also decide we are going to speak to his teacher at parents evening and raise a concern over what went on. Better to be safe then sorry.

Magoo decides after dinner he’s off upstairs to play, watch some TV and settle for bed. We watch the last few episodes of Luther we had started the other day, fucking hell is was rough and tough going!

Then it was bed time, sleep time, comfy.

Oh, the leak, the indoor water feature, it’s getting so much of a water feature, I’m thinking about getting some fish, if only for extra food for the cat, maybe they won’t make him sick!?

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