Danger! Danger! No voltage.

If you have been blindly following what has been going on the last few days, you will already know we have no electrical power to the left hand side of our house, and plug sockets!

Piss, shit and bollocks.  I tried in vain yesterday to get it sorted.  We rent our house and the estate agents were not in a major rush to help us get this fucking problem sorted.  After numerous phone calls from thebeanspoonerswife and I, and some pretty shitty emails, a lovely calm young lady from the estate agents called, asking what was going on.


So I explained, calmly for what felt like the 1000th time, what had happened.  She said to leave it with her.  Brilliant, so that’s never going to get sorted I assumed.

Bang…..literally 5 minutes later she called to tell me the electrician couldn’t get to us today, but can tomorrow ( Thursday ) afternoon, and she had tried, but it was the best she could do.  We had a quick chat about Magoo and Bruce and that was that.

If you are wondering, I’m still sitting bloody waiting for the shitbag of an electrician to turn up!

Magoo had a cracking day at school ( he still doesn’t know his spelling score outcome yet).   Its Chinese new year, so school has gone crazy with all things Chinese.  He came home with the most amazing dragon he had made, straws, paper, see-through coloured plastic, it looks really good, and he was overly pleased with himself, as per normal.

So after waiting for him to catch his breath, we organised dinner and settled down for the night, well for now.

We all sat and watched TV together ( we caught up on a few episodes of the big bang theory) till it was his bed time.  To be honest, we all went to bed at nearly the same time.  I still think we all have the slightest or remnants of this cold/bug and all still feel like shit.

Still with no power upstairs, so the nearly nightly ritual of using an extension lead to power bedside clocks and a phone charger was in  full swing.  Bed was calling!

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