Weekend at Bernie’s

The weekend.

Ah, how I wait for five days, to enjoy 2 days of pure bedlam. This weekend was different though. Good different, not bad different.

We had previously decided that this weekend we were doing as little as possible, and by little as possible, I mean literally sod all!

We had to pop into the local supermarket, and yes, it does feel like I/we live there sometimes.

Can anyone, honestly say when they do there shopping, that they get every single thing they need!? As I know for sure we can’t and don’t!

But we also went for a reward for Magoo and his ‘star of the week’ achievement.

We had a very long and in-depth discussion about what reward he would like. He’s an avid collector of many exotic toys and random items. From Pokémon, Ben 10, Hotwheels, Power Rangers this and that, to pirate coins, cuddly toys and the greatest toy ever, Lego. But……with all these choices, there was also the ‘How to train your Dragon’ toys.

After much backwards and forwarding (the muddled mind of a 7 year old ), boom, we had it.

Lego had won the day. Not normal Lego tho, and not even Ninjago Lego ( household and his personal favourite ). But the new Spiderman Lego, the multiverse Lego.

From the drive to the supermarket I was reminded, that it had been seen on previous shopping trips, and promised as a reward the next time something went to plan.

Seriously, I feel like Murdoch to his Hannibal, minus the cigars.

So, shopping done, Lego bought (we actually had to pop to another shop first where we found it cheaper…..parent bonus).

Home would bound.

We drive past a small dry dock for boat repairs on the way home, and we always look to see what boats are in or not.

It’s a good was for Magoo to practice his numbers and he enjoys it!


Shopping un-packed.

We went to hit the school books, by Magoo asked as he was feeling tired (still think he had a bug), could we do his school work tomorrow, and could he do his Lego.

Now I don’t know about you, but I caved and said go for it.

He made 99.9% of it himself, as there are 1 or 2 things he still struggles with.

The rest of the afternoon was used up playing, watching cartoons and sorting dinner out.

I think Saturday night we watched a few episodes of T.V we needed to catch up on and Magoo went to bed early, still tired

He’s not right. We started to catch up with ‘Luther’ on the BBC iPlayer…..sick!

Then it was bed!

Sunday was calling and some sad news.

Sunday hit us.

Not to early, not too late. It was still the weekend of pure laziness, and we were indeed being lazy.

We did realise over breakfast we had forgotten one vital item from shopping.

Black bin liners, for fucks sake!

School work done, spellings, and Lego playing.

Thebeanspooners wife was playing killer Spiderman Lego while I was updating my blog.

I flicked into Facebook, and noticed a post from my brother in law.

He’s about 8 years younger than us, but I’ve known him for over 20 years. He is without doubt, the closest and highly regarded family member we have between us.

He used to be a total shit, but as he got a little older he sorted himself out. He’s got two gorgeous kids and he’s a very highly trained and well respected Paramedic and teacher of new Paramedics, in the area he lives (miles and miles away ). Magoo even has his name as his middle name.

The post was about his full on acme, Wile E. Coyote husky dog Mouse.

Mouse had died.

I was shocked. I knew he was old, maybe 11/12. After a few texts backwards and forwards we found out Mouse had been ill for a while and after much prodding and poking and tests from the vet, it was found he had a mass in his stomach. He had gone steadily down hill, and the pianful decision to have him put to sleep was made.

My brother-in- law was devastated.

So was thebeanspoonerswife.

I told Magoo, who instantly got upset and then went quiet, as kids do.

I have to be honest, I shed a year, and I knew we it was going to bring back very horrible memories of when our white fluff ball of doomed died. But that, I’m afraid is definitely for another time.

So the day passed.

We learnt spellings again for the big test on the following Tuesday, pottered, tidied up the house, toys, ironing and the usual crap that people do on Sundays, but never admit to, incase people think they are boring, when in fact we all do it.

And sat and watched some TV as a family.

Early bed.

School and work on Monday!

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