Friday, Friday, Friday!

I wrote Friday, Friday, Friday, then got totally distracted by a packet of crisps I was eating.  For your information, they were Quarter back crisps, cheeseburger flavour.  Different to when I was a kid, smaller packet, less crisps, smaller crisps and probably less shit and modified crap, so they obviously don’t taste the same.

Friday……who doesn’t look forward to Fridays?!

My day was mainly spent talking to Bruce, pottering and doing odd bits and bobs around the house, catching up on my blog and waiting for Magoo and thebeanspoonerswife to arrive home from school and work.

Then, he pulled a fox out from behind his back. Not a real one of course, we aren’t raising a feral child, like some others, but a stuffed, old and loved cuddly fox. This, to the 7 trained eye, looks like it needs a wash, and wash found at the tip. But to the trained parental eye, this means one thing, and one thing only.

Magoo was star of the week from school!

He seemed very happy with himself for being awarded star of the week, for good behaviour and manners. It’s a big thing for a 7 year old boy to behave all week!

But in all honesty, we were both very proud of him. He tries his best, so it’s nice to see him ( and his friends ) rewarded from time to time.

Friday night flew by. It always does!

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