The Thursday Dilema

So, still no news on the great spelling test from school. According to Magoo, they had a lot of stuff that they were doing, for an ongoing project (they are learning about the great fire of London this term) and they ran out of time for some one to mark them. So the wait continues.

He was also a bit miffed today as his best friend is off from school, ill. He has lots of other friends, but this is his best buddy.

The electrician finally came. A real life, adult, mature , dad style electrician. He took one look at the fuse box, one look at the dodgy plug socket on the wall, then all the water from the ‘leak’ on the floor, looked at me and went, yep, that’s socket is fucked!

There was totally nothing he could do. He made the socket safe, by adding some connectors to the ends of the wires?! And basically said until the leak and the damp wall are fixed, it’s totally pointless sorting the plug socket out, as it will just happen again!

So we still have no real power to the one side of the house. We have lights, but no plug sockets. So, after spending ten minutes talking to me about random stuff, school, village life and making a fuss over Bruce, he left.

So the mission was on to find some decent extension leads, that were surge protected and also wouldn’t break the bank! I don’t think surge protection and reasonably priced go together.

But after much hunting, I found what we needed. After collecting Magoo from school, which was horrendously hot and sweaty inside, we needed to go to Sainsbury’s , as oddly, they were the cheapest place. On the way, Magoo filled us in on his day, who did this, who did that, the fact his best friend was off ( could I please text his mum and check he was ok and coming back to school tomorrow – I did, and he wasn’t ), his spellings were still not marked, he had a new reading book, it had rained, he’s looking forward to swimming tomorrow, and he then took a breath!

The joys of having a conversation with an overly excited 7 year old, who is desperate to fill you in about his day, but needs to do it under 30 seconds, while also eating a Percy Pig sweet!

Once in Sainsbury’s we got what we needed, it was cheaper then advertised, and a little better, we were off home. The weather was horrendous as there is a storm either coming straight for us, or passing by really close.

Once inside, Magoo decided he was going to get his pyjamas on and get ready for bed, as he was obviously tired and just wanted to wrap up in a blanket and sit with us. He then decided he was going to help me with these extension leads. He has little hands, and little fingers, I have big hands, and pork sausage style fingers. Again, another bonus of having a 7 year old, smaller hands to fiddle with electrical sockets.

Now before anyone screams danger, child abuse, none of the sockets were unsafe, no sockets were harmed, and Magoo has lived to tell another tale, another day. Who doesn’t have kids and let’s them not help… smarter, not harder! And make the best of what you’ve got.

So we made all the wires as safe as possible, making sure everything was plugged into a main socket, and then into a surge protected extension, and not over loaded….

Bingo, power again, downstairs, and upstairs! The both of us were extremely pleased with ourselves! As for thebeanspoonerswife, the wires and crap like that have always been my job. Nothing to do with being a man, or dominant etc, it’s just how it’s always been. She has no idea what wire goes where, what’s plugged into this or that, so I’ve just always gotten on with it…..we do not have gender roles in this marriage! If a job needs doing, we do it……apart from changing the duvet cover. Men have a gene stopping them from working this out, as at the age of 39, I still fucking struggle to work out what way the duvet goes into the cover, and what way round the cover goes!

Anyways, dinner was sorted and we all sat together. Before we both knew it, Magoo had started to fall asleep, and I’d been told I’d been in and out of snoring mode. Shit!

So off we all went to bed… I said, pretty boring, but this is keeping me sane and helping me from day to day.

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