Monday and Tuesday can go forth and multiply!

Monday started with a bang,  Not a literal one, just a bang.  If anyone likes Mondays, they are either lying, or you really need to hire a private eye and tail them, just incase they lead you to where they keep the bodies!

Magoo was in the shower. When he got out, you could tell he wasnt right.  Well less right then he normally is.  There is a bug going around at school, and just when you think you have avoided it, BANG….its like being punched in the balls by a Looney Toon hammer……bang!

He looks like snotty death warmed up.  Who knew over the weekend, that this little loveable person, would turn into a cross between a 1970’s docker who smokes 40 cigarettes a day, and a well oiled, sarcastic snot machine!

So, no school for him.  But at least he was clean,  He got back into a killer StarWars onesie and jumped into bed with me.  I hadn’t had a good nights sleep, so thebeanspoonerswife left for work, safe in the knowledge, that at some point during the day, I may call her and demand she comes home as i may be trying to strangle him for testing my patience!  I fell asleep with him curled up next to me, snoring away.  I awoke, with him facing me, mouth wide open, basically breathing, coughing, being a typical 7-year-old vile child, hacking all of his germs over me. My first thought, oh fuck me, now i have it!

The day went well.  When we finally got out of our pit, I showered and we had decided we were having a lazy day.  We actually found a Scooby-Doo film neither of us had watched, can you believe that!  We sat snuggled up on the sofa.  Before we knew it, she was home.

Magoo seemed a little better, but not massively.  We practised his spellings and got all of his bits and bobs ready for Tuesday.  That im affraid is that. We had an early dinner, settled and watched some T.V., then went to bed!

So all in all, a pretty crappy day!


Now Tuesday, I thought may have been shaping up to be better.

Magoo and thebeanspoonerswife headed off to school.  She wasnt feeling her best.  Before I knew it, she was home,  She called in work, and oddly said she wasnt feeling her best, and wouldn’t be in,  she never misses work, so I knew she wasnt good.  Can this be happening?  Honestly, one after the other?  What have I done to deserve this?

So I got on with the odd jobs I still had to do, and we had literally the laziest day ever!

We decided to go and get Magoo from school at kicking out time, instead of 5pm ish, like we normally do ( he goes to after school activities every day).  So, we arrive at school.

I don’t know whats its like at your kid’s school, but at ours, we have to wait in the play ground for their teachers to hand them over to you.

We speak to, and say hello to the parents we know, or normally speak to.

So we get Magoo from school, talk about what went on and ask him how his day was.  We think this is important for us, as a family, to know what we have all been up to all day.  He doesn’t know his spelling score yet, as they had loads to do, and they were not marked before home time.  They have their SATS exams this year, and are doing some practice papers so they get used to the exam style questions and papers.  He had an extra paper to do, as he missed one on Monday when he was ill.  We have stressed to him, not to get worried about these exams and papers, as they are just a test.

Then came the shit!

Sitting fixing my glasses I had broken last week (don’t ask, I sat on them), and then the power went off!

A main ring fuse had blown.  For fuck sake!  Right at close of business time.  We rent our house.  So we called the estate agents, who, in my mind, are about as unhelpful as a chocolate fire guard around a volcano!

Anyways, long story short.  A very nice electrician came out, and told us one of the plug socks was basically buggered and it was way way way out of his league.  We understood this.  Someone would be out tomorrow (today, which, no one has as of yet).  He made it all safe and left.  Now, do you have kids? Do you have wi-fi? They are like a match made in pure hell.  Magoo couldn’t understand why we had power, but certain things were not working.

Cue a massive extension lead trailing through and around our house, from a working plug socket, to the wi-fi power lead! ( all surge protected and not overloaded)

And magic, one happy child.  Who knew wi-fi could solve so many problems.  Now to just fix the lack of power to the upstairs of the house, and our bedroom.  Another extension lead from somewhere else, and we had a working bedside clock and lamp in our room!

Everything was semi working again.  Dinner was eaten, school work was completed (we did a little extra maths work), and TV was watched.  Boring!

Thebeanspoonerswife seemed a little better and Magoo was only slightly full of snot!

So lets just leave it there.  An early night was had!

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