Duvets, the impossible man task.

On a Friday, we always, without fail get a news letter from school, filling us in on what’s been going on that week, if anything exciting is happening the following week, you get the jist of it.

It also details who won what awards for the week.

I didn’t sleep well Sunday night, evil thoughts, evil dreams, the usual. You don’t get to my age without having some shitty nights sleeps. I just seem to be having more shitty nights than comfortable nights at the moment.

I have a good sleep, from maybe midnight to about 4am ish, then I’m awake for a few hours. I used to read alot, but not now, I normally sit in bed, in the warm, comfy and watch TV on the iPad….admit it, you do it as well.

Anyways. I slept in, as I was shattered.

When I finally woke up I was very unsettled. Which, is never a good sign, I know, trust me.

So I checked on Bruce who was downstairs, he can’t climb stairs as his legs are way too short and one of them is a little bit ala Forrest Gump. He’s 10, he’s dealt with it. So I knew where he was.

I made sure the pots and pans were all cleaned and away in the kitchen, emptied the washing machine and re-filled it, Cinderella you shall have a shower!


I stupidly decided I would sort the laundry out, and realised there was fucking mountains of it! I have a pet hate of laundry that needs folding, that is all back to front, inside out, upside down. Ours is always like it….three words…A Fucking Mess. But it’s only laundry.

So that sorted, again, I stupidly decided to change the beds, do the duvets, whatever you call it. We have an airing cupboard in the bathroom full of a bigger selection of duvet covers and pillar cases then a bed linen department.

Again….you have this at certain ages in your life. We all have them!

So the mega choice of duvet cover, pillar cases and sheet chosen, the task was about to commence.

I have a shit memory. And I mean a shit memory. Especially short term. So, pillar cases done, sheet fitted, now just the elusive duvet.

The next statement is not in anyway meant to be sexist.

Men are incapable of changing a duvet cover. Full stop.

I panic I think.

I can never remember which way bloody round the duvet itself goes. I know the cover has buttons, or poppers at the bottom (we did have a cover that had fitting on the side….the side for god’s sake, dont help will you ). I then can’t remember which way round the fluffy duvet insides go. Is is the lines across, or lines down!? Last time I had to phone thebeanspoonerswife at work to check…..

Anyways, after much confusion, a sit on the bed with the duvet over me different ways, I finally worked it out…! Honestly, it was like a scene out of the 1980’s Krypton Factor show, just minus the points and the assault course!

So bed made. One job over with.

I knew I wasn’t having a good day mentally, as I know my own signs, and tidying and not settling is for me, the main one.

Next was to tidy the wardrobes of clothes and crap not hung up, unfolded etc.

I need to get out more!

It took a bloody lifetime…a lifetime. If I was a cat, which thankfully I’m not, I’d have wasted 2-3 lives of my fictious 9!

So that was dealt with and I felt 100% times better. To you it might sound pointless or stupid, but it honestly helped me so much.

So more laundry done and dusted, Bruce spoken to, the dinner started and before I knew it, Magoo and thebeanspoonerswifes were on their way home!

He read his book, a very interesting story about the dog of the series, being kidnapped by an evil genie a few books ago.

A few bits and bobs finished off and dinner eaten.

Then family time.

Then of course, bed!

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