The emotional rollercoaster cartoon.

We went to see ‘How to train your Dragon, the hidden world’.

If you do decide to go and see it, take some tissues. It’s a real tear jerker.

I enjoy watching cartoons, I always have, and I think I always will. Magoo is the same. The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree with him, something I’m exceptionally proud of.

If it’s a huge film we are all super excited to go and see, we will book seats at the ‘big city’ cinema, about 20 ish miles from where we live.  The screens aren’t any better, I think it’s just the feel of the place for bigger films.

Magoo and myself have been waiting for this film to come out for ages (so has thebeanspoonerswife).  He really is a mini carbon copy for some things.

So I had already let him choose our seats and pre booked the tickets.  We did what every other adult does beforehand and went to the supermarket to buy a big bag of sweets each, as we all know cinema sweets are over priced and under-sized!

So we arrive.  First things first.  I am personally beyond easily annoyed at the cinema.  I hate the sound of people eating and drinking, so sometimes going there, can and does drive me fucking insane and i feel like shouting at people.  Its gotten better since having Magoo, as you get more of a ‘fuck it’ attitude, as you can’t help other people talking through the film, or eating like animals.

So we do the usual, I wander off to collect the tickets, and thebeanspoonerswife takes Magoo and herself off to the loo.  We have, over time, conditioned him. He goes to the loo before we leave the house, then before the film starts.  That is it.  None of this getting up while the film is on bullshit, and demanding one of us goes with him, as we want to watch the film as well!  He is, honestly, the master at it.  Not once has he let us down, yes yes, I know he’s a 7-year-old, but by god, he likes routine!

So, he’s like a hawk. He spots everything in his surroundings like some crazy mentalist.  He’s spotted the drinks cups.  Now these aren’t limited edition or anything, they are just film specific.  I think we had one once when we went to see a film, and transformers was out, and he got an Optimus prime one.  It’s basically a black plastic drinks cup, covered in whatever films characters, but the difference with these cups is, they all have little figures, about 2 inches high, on the top of them.  So for this film, ‘How to train your Dragon’, we had 4 to choose from.  4…..who gives kids that much bloody choice!

He got the one he wanted ( Hiccup is you wondering), full of apple Tango.


So we go and take our seats.  I’m one of those funny buggers.  We booked 3 seats, in the middle of an isle that was split into 4.  I normally sit against the partition, as I don’t like sitting by anyone I don’t know, then Magoo between us, and thebeanspoonerswife next to him.  He likes to sit in the middle, as different parts of films either massively excite him, or upset him, so he has either of us on either side, depending on his emotions.

We had a lady and her daughter sitting behind us……jesus, she was eating from a full on shopping carrier bag, and for the two hours we were in there, she never stopped.  I also zoned in on a kid a few rows back, who for the last 10 mins of the film, which, by the way is massively emotional, spoke in the loudest voice I have ever heard……..

Ah, the last ten minutes of the film………what can I say?

Emotional.  As we sat there, I noticed thebeanspoonerswife was sobbing her heart out.  Yes, the last ten minutes of this film is honestly sweet, a beautiful ending, but oh so heart wrenching and emotional it will bring you to tears, in a good way.  If you havent seen it yet, you really need to watch the previous 2 films in the saga, to understand how soul crushing, but heart warming it is.  Magoo, did not cry.  I really though he might of.  He gets emotional sometimes.  But not with this one, as I think he got it, and understood what was going on, but for us adults, I would dare you not to get upset.

And that was it.  On the way home Magoo made it very clear that we need to buy the film once it comes out on DVD.  Theres no arguing with him, as I’ll be the first one to suggest getting it when we see it!

I am, a very typical dad.



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