48 hours, a retrospective.

Weekends, as I’ve said before, are normally chilled out times. Time spent as a family of 3, normally pottering, doing random things, and having adventures that are nothing like the famous five, or Scooby-Doo and the gang.

This past weekend was no exception. We were still dealing with the Matilda school trip fall out. Magoo was still super beyond tired. But, the show must go on. We had cinema tickets, to see the most anticipated film of the year so far in our house! There’s a post about it coming up. So off we went to the big concrete city, to go to the cinema. Our usual ritual is cinema, shops, toy shops and then food and home. This time, we followed our usual pattern.

The journey home, felt like a lifetime, as I think we were all shattered from the past few days events, and sitting in the dark. not in a cupboard, or anything weird, but watching the film. We had to go via a super ‘Boots’ store, as thebeanspooner’s wife had to collect some fancy shampoo serum stuff for her hair, don’t ask, as to be frank, i have no idea. Magoo and myself went into Marks and Spencer’s, which is next door, on the hunt for Percy Pig sweets, on of Magoo’s favourites.

Mission accomplished.

When we arrived home, we all went our separate ways in the house. As every normal family does. I was in the middle of arranging a play date for Magoo for the following day, a Sunday, with his best friend. He had a football match in the morning, so his mum and dad would swing by and collect Magoo on their way through. Brilliant! A few hours without him!

That last sentence may seem a bit weird, odd, or even hurtful to some, or many. But what you don’t understand is this, we live over 300 miles from our nearest relative, or family member. We are, as a family, a trio, together all of the time, apart from work and school. We do everything together. So if and when he goes to a friend’s house, its sort of magical not to have him around and again, im being honest, very odd. After the first few hours I always wander where he is ( even though i know), as its odd him not being around. And no, L wouldnt change that for the world. Just sometimes, a few hours feels like a lifetime.

So that was Saturday, early dinner, early bed. Maybe, just maybe, we would all wake up the following day feeling human again!

Waking up on Sunday felt like the hangover from hell ( neither of us drink anymore)!

Magoo always wakes up when he does….bright and early as he’s a shitbag, and doesn’t understand yet that Sunday’s really are lazy days!

We do the usual on a Sunday, we potter, catch up with stuff we still haven’t been able to do from the previous week, make sure Magoo has done all of his reading and homework for school. He also has a spelling test every Tuesday, and since the tests started, at the beginning of year 1 (he’s currently half way through year 2), he hasn’t got a single spelling wrong, so he’s 440/440 and hes desperately trying to reach 500 correct ones!

So, school work and reading out-of-the-way, now just to wait for him to be collected for his play date.

He’s gone. What to do, what to do……?

We did what every red-blooded, nearly 40-year-old couple, who barely get any alone time do…..

We went food shopping!

Be honest, how nice a feeling is it going food shopping, without a child!

No arguing over who drives the trolley, no arguing over why we cant buy that item, that’s full of shit, sugar and crap, but blatantly looks fucking amazing! No, I need the loo, for a poo, conversations. Just plain old wandering around the supermarket getting items we actually need…..and no arguments, it was bliss!

By the time we got home and un-packed the shopping, had a few conversations with Bruce, it was time to collect Magoo.

So all back home, and again, pretty boring, but Sundays are the night before the dreaded return to work and school and the Monday morning blues.

But I didnt know then, what Monday would hold for me! Bastards!

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