Friday, i’m not in love.

The dreaded Friday came around. Magoo was a stop start nightmare in the morning, as he was out way past his usual bedtime the night before, due to a school trip, and getting caught in bad traffic on the way home.

I normally look forward to Friday’s as it’s the usual end of the week, weekend is right there on the cusp time, and that means family time. Which in my eyes, is the best time. But you have to get through Friday first!

Magoo got off to school ok-ish, grumpy, but also excited as its swimming on a Friday. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he had a little bit of fish DNA in him somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not smelly or covered in scales, he just loves the water.  He normally wears the brightest thing he can get his hands on. This Friday, he was gracing the world with his very bright blue, red and yellow, Pokemon Pickachu board shorts, and he wears the brightest of bright, red/pink swimming mask, as the swimming pool water hurts his eyes slightly. I bet in your kids class at school, there is always that one child, that one who no matter what, goes against the grain, well for Magoo’s class, that’s him.

And that’s it. Fridays are, as a rule, pretty quiet in this household. I pottered around the house with Bruce, we watched the crazy weather role in and out of the harbour, and the bay we live in. I updated my blog, and we sat on the sofa and kept each other warm and comfy. Bruce can’t actually climb onto the sofa as he is too short. Well, his legs are too short and his body is too round… he needs help!

Then comes 5 pm ish. Thebeanspoonerswife came and collected me so we could go and grab Magoo from after school club. He was grumpy. A knock on effect of the day before, and the later night. We knew it was coming. We finally got home, ate a quick dinner and then sat as a family and watched T.V. Magoo has a thing for crime drama’s, that really is a story for another day. A 7-year-old, who would prefer to watch a crime drama than a cartoon! No wonder he’s a bit weird!

To be honest, we all had an early night….The previous late night had wiped us all out, and Saturday means a trip to the cinema, and shopping. So all in all, pretty boring for a Friday!

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