The Matilda town’s massacre.

I’m sitting in the kitchen, at the table, writing this, whilst looking out of the window, at the most gorgeous sea view.  Waves crashing, waves forming, the hiss of the sea spray.  I could, in all honesty, be even more descriptive, more romantic in my words, but i’m not….its brass monkies ball freezing….and even Bruce is shivering and he has two layers of fur for Christs sake! Its cold, but yet, no snow…..yet.

So, the fall out of the school trip to Plymouth, to see Matilda the musical.   Cornwall had ‘snow’ yesterday.  We had the same sort of snow like everywhere else, just most of the roads down here are like horse tracks, and some, not all, but some drivers are useless in snow, and panic.  The one guy that works with thebeanspooners wife, left work at 4pm, he got home at 8.10pm, he only went 20 miles.  There is a certain hill, which is horrendous on a sunny day, let alone snow, this was causing the problems.

The school journey there, I was told was fine, pasties were flowing, as were chocolate brownies, and games.  The show, according to Magoo, was awesome.  He got to sit by his friends, so again, it was awesome.  Then came the journey home and the widespread panic.   We get a text early evening to say they should arrive back at school about 8.30pm, as previously planned. OK, fine.  We then get another one saying roads are ok’ish for now, will keep you updated. Ok, fine. 8.30pm still.

So the wait is on.  It’s sort of like the excitement you feel, when you go to a firework’s display, only we aren’t receiving fun and excitement, we are waiting for our child to come home……We then get another text.  The children are fine, loving seeing the snow, waiting for the gritters to sort themselves out, behaving, and enjoying the police escort!!!

Turns out the hill is so bad, that gritters are out in full force, and there are police cars escorting streams of traffic, to make sure they are safe, and being careful with their own precious cargo’s.  So another text.  Should arrive back at school for 9.50pm.

Cornwall feels like it has turned into the final scene of the film, The Day After Tomorrow, its beyond freezing.  A thought does go through my head….i’ve got to stand and wait for him and talk, even be social with other adults, parents, at this time of night. So about 5 mins before the first bus arrives, I get out of the car and wander over to loiter outside the school gates. Everyone is hustling around, its like being at a table top sale, but instead of looking for a bargain, people are looking for their own DNA.

The second bus approaches…….I can imagine the inside is like a scene from Madmax, sort of like Barter Town, but on wheels.  Magoo will see me.  As he steps off, the head spots me and over he trundle’s.  (Now, we have to pick up one of his friends, who also live’s in our village, a few streets away, Im omitting him from this, as he’s not my child….only fair- he did have a good time though, for those wondering)

As we head back to the car, Magoo’s mouth is into overdrive and he’s telling me everything he can, in the 30 second walk back to the car.  As we drive off, he slips into overdrive again, and tells us about, the food, the journey, who he sat by, he went to the toilet, twice ( they were clean and nice, its important when you are 7), the ice-cream they had, was nice, the snow they got to see and quickly walk through was amazing, the journey home was cold, long, but he ate his food he took,  it was dark, the snow on the roads was fun, they saw the police, the snow was fun and that was it….

Oh, and the show was good……

Anyone with a child, of any age, will know, when you ask them a specific question, about a specific thing, you need to listen to at least 5 minutes of gibberish, before you find out what you actually asked.  Magoo is the king, no, the emperor of this!

We finally all get home, and thinking he will be tired, we settle for bed.  Did I mention it freezing cold…..?  Did I?

Well, after having a chat with him, making sure he was fed and watered enough, we all, finally climbed into our beds.

He got up this morning, after only 6 ‘ish hours of sleep, moody, but, once awake, he turned into the usual monster of sarcasm that he is.

Tomorrow…..we are off to see the final ‘How to Train your Dragon’ film, if he wasn’t busting with excitement yesterday for Matilda, he is for this!

Side note: I will try to post daily, all of the wonders of my life, of the day before.  I may or may not do it daily, but I will try to recap as much as I can, and don’t forget, this is for me, if you enjoy it, well that’s a bonus.

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