So, bastards….

I personally just like the word.  I think it’s under used and under valued…..bastards…!

Magoo is off on a school, not class, school trip today.  They are off to see Matilda the musical……

As parents, you are given that choice of ‘would you also like to attend’….

Now, I would, apart from a few things:

I can’t stand musicals…of any variety.

My child isn’t normal…..there you go.  I’m one of those people who will actually say it, admit it, and 100% back it up with facts.  Magoo is not normal…..

He is indeed, like every other kid……i’m just not in denial like every other parent wants you to think they are.

Ok, here goes….Magoo is like living with a cross between Blackadder, Baldrick (apart from Magoo likes a bath), Ben Elton and Jack Dee.  Chuck in a bit of Jeff Foxworthy for comic timing, and that basically sums him up.  He is indeed, a shit.

Anyone, and I trust you to find anyone, who says their child is an angel, perfect, well-behaved, is, in my eyes, and everyone else’s, lying through their teeth and drowning in their own bullshit.  But, its takes a lot to admit you’re own kid isn’t perfection.

Magoo has his moments.  He is, I think, a 45-year-old man, in a 7-year-old boys body.  He is quick-witted, overly intelligent, easily embarrassed, but most of all, sarcastic.  I don’t mean, once in a while sarcastic.  I mean, hit the nail on the head, hysterically funny sarcastic, and always, and I mean always, used in context with his surroundings and conversations.

But, that’s Magoo.

He is, a bastard.

So I have spent my afternoon pottering around the house, talking to Bruce, which I do a hell of a lot more than anyone would think is healthy, and keeping my eye on the weather, as we had a real freezing night last night, and little whiffs and whaffs of snow a few hours ago. I’m weather watching for Magoo…….Plymouth may not seem it, but it is a fair way away, especially if it snows…..he is after all my kid and I’m 50% responsible for him.

An old school friend once said to me in reference to you’re own children, ‘you make them, so you are responsible for them’.  I’ve stuck by those words for a long time, and continue to do so……

But ultimately…..bastards….

My little Magoo will be home later tonight.  So in his pent-up, excited way,  he will try to cram reciting his entire day, from 8am, into maybe 30 mins before he goes to bed, for a late night, wish me luck?!

Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad………

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