The in’s and out’s, an introduction of some sort.

So, i’m fast approaching 40…..heck, by the time you even find this, or read it, i might have hit 40!

I’ve been meaning to write a blog for a few years, but, well….life just gets in the way sometimes.

So, the in’s and out’s, an introduction of some sort.

I would assume, if you are reading this, ive either asked you to, or you’ve seen a link from either Facebook, or Instagram, as i very much doubt you will have stumbled upon this yourself…..but you never know do you.

Ok, rules to a point. Im new to all of this, so please bear with me. If things pop up, then vanish, then re-appear, well, thats just me being me. Everything in this blog, and i mean everything, its all my own views, my opinons. This blog is for me, if you read it, bonus. But right now, its to stop me going crazy.

Nothing and i mean nothing, is off limits. BUT, there is to be no hatred, no preaching, no evil, shitty, sexist remarks. It wont be tolerated. Thats it….if you comment, comment. If you dont, enjoy the reading.

OK, like i said, im fast appraoching 40… already bald…so in my eyes, im practically there. So, im married, to thebeanspooners wife. I may mention her, as, thebeanspooners wife, or the wife. I have one son, hes currently 7……magoo…..

We have one dog, a scottie, called Bruce, hes 10, and an evil, ninja like cat, called Hobbes, hes 7. I may mention from time to time, Marley, he was our westie, he died…..but thats another story, for another time.

We live about 100 meteres from the beach, a harbour so to speak, in Cornwall.

Its gorgeous. In a little village, a few miles away from a little town, a few miles away from a city…not a big city, but a city none the less.

We are origianlly from the West Midlands, but Magoo is Cornish….my family are Italian by heritage, and thebeanspooners wife’s family are Irish by decent….its fun in our house.

Speaking of houses, we live in a little cottage, as ive said, near the beach and sea….we live by a church and Sunday school…..they are very religious down here in the South west.

As ive said above, this blog is mainly for my own sanity, my day to day rambles and thoughts, if you want to join in, please do….if you just want to read….read.


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